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Post No.942


27 September 2016


We keep on trying

To the point of dying,

The sun is in the sky

Casting shadows by and by

Until darkness overcomes,

Tips the balance from day to night,

And the owl takes flight –

Pity the creatures in his sight.


Copyright: Denise Allen 27.092016 14:32



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A Pale Moon

Post No.941

19 September 2016

A Pale Moon


The white wings of angels crowd the sky

While a Pale Moon sails on by

Betwixt and between the eider down,

Glimpses of which can be seen with the naked eye,

Almost at one with the light blue sky.


Copyright: Denise Allen 19.09.2016 10:35




Post No.940


12 September 2016


The morning chorus of birdsong

Seems to have really and truly gone,

Stolen away with yesterday’s drought,

Perhaps to return, or perhaps not.


But slowly, gently, change has come

And a full-strength chorus still delights,

No longer in anticipation of the day –

But in thanksgiving for the night.


Copyright: Denise Allen 12.0 9.2016 13:30






Post 939


11 September 2016


If we can escape

The frenetic cries,

The fanatics’ rhetoric,

The politicians’ machinations,

And find a place of peace,

We will hear the voice of God

As He speaks to us in silence –

Heart to heart.


Copyright: Denise Allen  11:09:2016 06:35




The Moon

The Moon

Post No 938

10 September 2016


The mist curls,
Across the face of the Moon.
Like skeleton hands
Reach out
Blocking the
Lunar light
And night falls silently.

Copyright: Denise Allen 10.09.2016 18:38


Happy Birthday Richard

Post No. 937

There was such a variety of birds. I believe this is a lilac breasted roller.


30 August 2016

In my mind’s eye
I picture you and me
Under a clear blue sky
Spending hours and hours
Running through fields of flowers,
Splashing in waves to our hearts’ content,
Dreams that are heaven-sent,
Dreams that will never end..

Copyright: Denise Allen 30.08.2016 06:09

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God’s Hand

Post No.936

20 August 2016

God’s Hand

Waving flowers like brilliant flags

Dispersing scents on the wind,

Pollen and seeds scattered in the breeze

Aided by the busy little bees.

We breathe in the fragrant air

And watch the bees at work –

Everything runs according to plan

Under the control of God’s guiding hand.


Copyright: Denise Allen 20.08.2016 08:00