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Perfect Peace

Post No. 929

17 July 2016

Perfect Peace


A crimson dawn lights the early morn,

Petals  unfurl across the world

As flowers send their message of love

To those below from those above

The smallest glimpse of perfect peace

Is broken – cracked open –

When the hadedas fly across the sky.


Copyright: Denise Allen, 17.07.2012 08:15




Day’s End

Post No. 928

Date 14 July 2016

Day’s End


The last sunlight of the day

Fades away…

Shrinks like ink on a blotter

Until only a speck remains

Then it is gone for ever.


Copyright: Denise Allen, 14.07.2016 08:20


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The Final War

Post No. 927

18 June 2016

The Final War


Empires rise and fall,

Rise and fall,

Roman, British, and many more –

Satan’s entire fiefdom trumps them all –

Wreaking havoc, stealing souls,

Threatening man, destroying homes;

Evil forces hard at work

But God’s own son brought His message of hope:

He gave His life to save us all –

Open your eye, unblock your ear,

So you can see. so you can hear…

I refuse to believe that we are just pawns in His game of chess

Because Satan could not tempt Him in the wilderness.

He gave us free will so that we are able to choose

Love over hate, joy over sorrow

Promised to us in His kingdom of tomorrow.


Copyright:  Denise Allen 18.06.2016 08:32

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Post No. 926

15 June 2016



Sunlight dances – shadows fall

Mirrored in still waters,

Echoed from deep caverns;

Lanterns form patterns

Of darkness and light,

Sometimes in day and ofttimes at night;

Shapes and shades –

Music in the everglades –

Hear the cowbells ring,

Listen to the flowers sing,

Eyes and ears record the signs

Of His presence in these troubled times.


Copyright: Denise Allen  13.06.2016 08:46






Post No. 925

10 June 2016



I rest in the spirit of the Great Lord,

My head on the pillow of His peace,

I see His face in time and space,

I feel His love in all creation:

Beyond the earth, beyond the stars,

His handiwork in every nation.

He speaks in the silence of my soul,

He knows my flaws and makes me whole.


Copyright: Denise Allen  10.06.2016 10:31






Post No. 924

29 May 2016



Archaeologists, palaeontologists

Scrabble and unravel through the rubble of the past

Seeking the secret of God,

The origin of man,

And where we first began.


Copyright: Denise Allen. 29.05.2016 09:12




Post No. 923

26 May 2016

The Light


From the brain to the mouth,

From the smooth to the rough

Just an inflection can change our direction,

Submerged in the daily wash of words

We ride the tide on the winds of change

And learn to speak the language of love,

Moving the world to feel and heal

From the darkness into the light –

Whether it be day or whether it be night.


Copyright: Denise Allen. 26.05.2016 07:07



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