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Déjà vu

Déjà vu

Poor Fudge looked so sad
When I saw her last.
Her spine was raised
And her belly was swollen.

Poor, loyal pet.
It’s so sad to watch her age,
So uncomfortable
And yet so willing to please.

I wonder if I
Will see her again
When I visit next
Or if she too will have gone.

This is the oft
Repeated pattern
When we have pets
And is so hard to bear.

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What a wonderful sleep, she thought with a smile,
Time to rise and get ready for work.
It’s so nice and warm in this lovely soft bed,
Another five minutes is all that I ask.

She snuggled down further and closed her eyes
And, before she knew it, was away once more
To her world of dreams; and her spirit was charged
To guide her life and fulfil her needs.

Why, when we wake, do our dreams disappear?
But sometimes we have the solutions we crave
As if handed to us by Someone who cares
Who helps us to chart the course of our lives.