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Sport is the Bond

Sport is the Bond

If education is the key
To the upliftment of the poor,
Then sport is the inspiration
For the unification of the nation!
I watched Invictus yesterday
And was bombarded by memories –
The feeling of togetherness,
The strength of one-ness,
The excitement and delight
Of winning as a team –
Yet it was not only about the victory.

Our hosting of the SWC
Has resurrected these feelings once again
And we must build on this while we can.
Up ‘til now, on SABC TV,
Some sports are for the rich
While some are for the poor
And they decide what we see.
This is not how it’s meant to be!
We are one nation, one people,
And should all have equal access to sport,
To foster and develop our sense of unity
And pride in who we are.

Whether we win or whether we lose
What’s crucial in the end is that sport is the bond
That sets us free.