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The Sea is a Moody Monster

The Sea is a Moody Monster

When sitting safe on shore
The sea is a great aquatic beast;
If I close my eyes and listen –
I can hear him breathe…
In, out, suck, spew,
Inhale, exhale,
And the lapping waves obey.

Unpredictable, volatile, capricious,
He can be all three –
One moment calm and peaceful,
Becoming choppy and cantankerous,
Irritable and petulant,
Then roaring with rage
As angry waves crash in fury on the rocks.



Sidey’s Weekend Challenge
Sorry, Sidey, I couldn’t bring myself to change the last line to:-
As polyphloisboian waves crash in fury on the rocks.

Thank you, Cindy, for the pronounciation!
1. (of the sea) noisy, roaring, thundering