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The Bodyguard

The Bodyguard

I opened my eyes, listening intently.
What had I heard? Why did I wake?
I let out my breath, softly, slowly.
Silence reigned.

Snuggling back under the sheets,
I closed my eyes, and the shroud of sleep
Slipped over my head as I drifted away
In my dreams.

The birds were stirring in the trees,
A touch of orange streaked the sky,
The faintest rustling of the leaves,
Daylight breaking.

I lay awhile and savoured the dawn,
Relished the crispness of the breeze.
My dog lay curled against my back,
Sleeping soundly.

I swung my feet down to the floor,
Fastened my robe against the chill,
And there, protruding from under the bed,
Was an adder – dead.