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Danger in the Mist

Danger in the Mist

My headlights bounced back at me,
The mist so thick I could not see.
I drove on the highway at walking speed,
Much too slow, or so it seemed.

Leaning forward as far as I could,
Trying to peer through the mist ahead,
Trying to guess how far I’d come,
Was my turnoff further on?

I hoped I had not missed the way,
There were no landmarks that I could see,
Nothing but varying shades of grey
In front or to the sides of me.

At last the markings on the road
Gave way to broken lines. I pulled aside
With such relief I could not hide
The tears that welled up in my eyes.

No sooner had I turned off the road
Than I heard a loud and thunderous sound –
An articulated truck sped by
Which would have been the end of me!