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Greed is a Pig

Greed is a Pig

Greed is a pig
Who has all but ruined world economies,
Taking not only his share, but others’ too.
Greed is a pig
Who gobbles up all he sees,
Caring not a jot or tittle
Whether others starve.
The more he has, the more he needs;
Prudence and thrift are words
Foreign to his ears.

Profits are all that count at the end of his day!
Profits and percentages!
Are there no good men to call his bluff?
Brave and upright men of honour
With brains who can explain
Exorbitant salaries,
Magnificent emoluments,
To the world at large,
And how, at the end of the day,
The poorest of earth’s inhabitants could benefit instead.

Note: ‘Men’ includes both sexes