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Greed is a Pig


Greed is a Pig

Greed is a pig
Who has all but ruined world economies,
Taking not only his share, but others’ too.
Greed is a pig
Who gobbles up all he sees,
Caring not a jot or tittle
Whether others starve.
The more he has, the more he needs;
Prudence and thrift are words
Foreign to his ears.

Profits are all that count at the end of his day!
Profits and percentages!
Are there no good men to call his bluff?
Brave and upright men of honour
With brains who can explain
Exorbitant salaries,
Magnificent emoluments,
To the world at large,
And how, at the end of the day,
The poorest of earth’s inhabitants could benefit instead.

Note: ‘Men’ includes both sexes



Author: adeeyoyo

I am a middle-aged South African woman, living in Johannesburg. I began writing poetry towards the end of May 2010. I love animals – sometimes more than people! I am back after a break. Thanks for still being here, if you are! Missed you! xxx

21 thoughts on “Greed is a Pig

  1. powerful words,
    you pig image makes me laugh…

    greed make people lost their moral and do whatever they take to grow themselves…

    you see what I see but failed to say it.
    excellent poem!


  2. This is brilliant, Adee. How sad that greed seems to be the new ‘god’ that so many worship these days. I often wonder how they can sleep at night, but then they really don’t care one way or the other.


  3. Brilliant adee!
    And that sure is one ugly porker!


  4. Excellent Adee.
    Hmmmm….a toasted egg and bacon sandwich!


    • One of my favourite lunches, or toast with a slice or two of ham and topped with a fried egg – yum! Can’t wait to get my arm out of this plaster so I can crack an egg open instead of squashing it. Btw I have just had to apologise on f/b for insulting pigs, lol!

      Thanks for the comment.


  5. but you do make a difference…each ripple adding to another…so keep it up…yes, at times i think we are made with desires willing to trade anything to get it…a family tried to seel their little girl at a bar there the other week….crazy…greed….


  6. ….nice one…..truly well said too……


  7. Great prose…no need for man to stand against him though…it is already written… and in my opinion will proceed as planned.

    Your Pics take me back to a live scene I witnessed time and again while working as a truck driver a few years back, however,.. There was one pasture on the right side of the road, which I passed every day for a year or more…

    The pasture had three horses, meandering around the parameter, gnawing the grass as horses do…with one pot belly pig standing just below the swishing Horse tales, gnawing at the hay, oblivious to the fact that he was not really a mule…


  8. I do pray with all my heart every day that God’s Will be done in our lives and in this world. But I still get so frustrated to see all the greed and dishonesty surrounding us.

    I believe that donkeys are often used to keep horses company. But there have been exceptions where even geese that have grown up with horses bond with them (one on one).


  9. Well, Yeah,,, I mean a bird in the hay is worth two in the barn…no wait, that’s NOT how that goes…lol Just messing wit ya… a lil Horse Play if ya will



    poetry community information,
    plus Thursday Poets Rally announcement,..



  11. That pig is exactly the way I picture the greedy bankers on Wall Street.

    Thanks, Denise. 😀


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