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Was he the One

Was he the One

When I was young and innocent
I met a guy who seemed to be
The answer to my dreams,
And now I’m wondering
“Was he the one?”

Looking back it seems to me
All was not as it appeared to be
And I know the truth eluded me
Because I did not want to see
That he was not the one for me.

The years went by and he was gone
And, despite my knowing
He was not the one,
I mourned his passing
Like that of a friend
Whom I loved and pitied in the end.

Now in the dark of night
Alone with the stars and moon
I lift up my face and blow him a kiss
On the breeze, for what was
A dream that we shared
Which failed to thrive in my barren heart.


©DGA 11.09.2010