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Where are the Bees?


Where are the Bees?

Three years ago I planted a little nectarine tree
Which flowered in the spring and was beautiful to see.
It bore four nectarines – just perfect for me!
But I waited too long to pluck them off the tree;
The nectarines were gone, the birds had been there first,
And I was quite left out as they feasted on the fruit.

Since then the bees have vanished from the scene!
The next two years brought flowers but no fruit
Which portends a time of famine and starvation;
Our land, in days gone by a land of plenty,
Could now become a place of want and apportionment
Unless the situation can be healed.

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Photo’s: Author

©DGA 11.09.2010

Author: adeeyoyo

I am a middle-aged South African woman, living in Johannesburg. I began writing poetry towards the end of May 2010. I love animals – sometimes more than people! I am back after a break. Thanks for still being here, if you are! Missed you! xxx

15 thoughts on “Where are the Bees?

  1. It’s a matter of very serious concern, adee.
    Very well written and lovely photos.
    Have a good week.


    • Thanks, Cin. You won’t believe the lengths I’ve gone to to try and attract the bees. I’ve only seen one in the whole garden over the last few weeks and it was buzzing around the French lavender bush, so I’ve taken a largish slip and planted it right next to the poor little nectarine. Even the yesterday-today-and-tomorrow, in full flower nogal, doesn’t have a single bee. Have a good week too… 60 pages a day… quite a job!


  2. We’ve spoken about the same thing the other day with an entomologist. He had the same concerns and said that the poisons we use in our gardens are killing off all insect life.
    On that note – when last have seen a chameleon? I have even climb into my neighbours’ trees looking for them thinking that maybe my cats have eaten ours. For the past four years I haven’t even seen ONE!
    Very very worrying.
    Nicely written!


    • What I do not understand is why is this not being given more prominence in the media? Especially given its importance and ramifications! I never use any poisons in my garden and never have done.

      Rats are running rampant in all the suburbs. All kinds of order and control are breaking down.

      Are we waiting to be pushed into a corner before any action is taken? ie food shortages and plague?

      DDT was banned. Now I believe it is back in use again for mosquito control because of malaria.


    • We still get chameleons in our garden. When I’m lucky enough to have more than one at the same time, I normally take one to a friend for her garden.


  3. a scary thought…had heard about the loss of the bees and they are such a huge part of our eco system…life would certainly be affected heavily…


  4. I didn’t realise there was a bee ‘shortage’. Maybe we’re just fortunate bordering on the nature reserve; there’s definitely no shortage of bees, hornets and wasps in my area. One insect that does seem to be missing though is the dragonfly – I can’t remember when last I’ve seen one.
    We also don’t use any insecticides in our garden; I don’t believe in them and I’m also too scared for the birds and animals so we go the natural route as far as we possibly can.
    Thank you for posting the photos – it’s the first time I’ve seen the blossoms of a nectarine tree!


    • Thanks Halfy. I have seen bees around the French lavender and around my lemon tree (which is laden with lemons), but they seem to disappear each year around the time the nectarine flowers… BUT what a coincidence, I had to go out this morning, came back home at +- 12h00 into the study to switch on the computer and heard buzzing. There was one between the curtain and window so I let it out. Then I went into the kitchen to put the kettle on and there were THREE bees trying to find their way past the kitchen window – so I let them out. FOUR bees inside in about 5 minutes! Went outside to check the nectarine – zilch! and the lemon – also zilch! Weird…


  5. A very serious matter and one that should not be taken light heartedly…thanks for writing about this Adee x


    • I agree it is serious, Amanda. I don’t understand why the authorities (?) don’t appeal to homeowners not to use insecticides in their gardens. xxx


  6. trying to follow you on twitter but cant find your name


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