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Johannesburg – Overview

The skyline of Johannesburg\’s Central Business District as seen from the observatory of the Carlton Centre

Johannesburg – Overview

Jo’burg, City of Gold – Egoli,
Home to the very rich,
Home to the very poor,
Hub of the country’s economy,
Crime capital of the country,
To the rich it is a City of Plenty,
To the poor a City of Dreams.

Feelings of anticipation, animation, stimulation,
Restlessness and tension;
Both good and bad vibrations, sensations;
Hustle and bustle seven days a week,
No time to lose, whatever you choose;
Sinning and spinning day and night;
Cloned cops on the streets, who can tell what’s real?.

11 Diagonal Street, designed by the famous German-American architect Helmut Jahn and built in 1984

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