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A Foretaste of Joy

A Foretaste of Joy



to be restrained


to be contained

just faith

to walk again

my life

without pain

pure heaven

no question


I have to take a break from blogging for a few weeks (however there may be a post or two… and a comment or two… :D). There are a number of things for me to finish in my house and tests to undergo before my knee op. I will miss you all – take care.


©DGA 25.09.2010


Nature’s Artists

The Wild Coast

Sidey’s Weekend Theme – 29.10.2010: The Natural Order

Nature’s Artists

Translucent waves break far out to sea

And roll towards the shore

While the wind erodes the cliffs

And the river carves out its floor.

Time marches on inexorably.

The darkness of night

Replaces the bright daylight

As the sun gives way to the moon

And the seasons pass us one by one.

These are the natural order of things,

The laws that nature dictates,

Which are not open for debate.

Image: Author
©DGA 29.10.2010


Rock Pools

Fishing in the Rock Pools

Rock Pools

The waves break on the rocks,

White water sparkles as it drains

Over the surface and down

Into the crevices, cracks,

Holes and gaps

Where small children play

With their fishing nets.

They laugh aloud

As they try in vain

To catch the tiny fish

Who easily evade

The hunters’ wily ways

And swim from pool to pool

Through narrow tunnels

In the stone.

Photo’s: Author – Apologies for the quality – copied from an old video.
©DGA 26.10.2010

Where are the little fish?

Here's one!