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Toes in the Shallows


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Toes in the Shallows

recuperating from the past

dipping my toes

in the shallows

testing the waters

of life

©DGA 21.10.2010

Author: adeeyoyo

I am a middle-aged South African woman, living in Johannesburg. I began writing poetry towards the end of May 2010. I love animals – sometimes more than people! I am back after a break. Thanks for still being here, if you are! Missed you! xxx

18 thoughts on “Toes in the Shallows

  1. JUMP IN!!!!!!!!

    The water is FINE!!!

    Besides, if we’re too cautious, we may miss out 😉

    As frightening or painful as it can be, it is still LIVING!

    Better to feel than be numb to it all…



  2. ah 🙂 – took me a long time… Love your poem; the metaphor is both beautiful and apt.


  3. I’m like that at the ocean…ever since I got to see the killer whales while walking on the beach at Waikiki. I decided that there were bigger things than me in those waters!
    This poem it very touching in the aspect that we all do something similar to this when we have a down time. sometimes it is hard to just jump right back in. There seems to be a time that is …Just right for all of us after a down time and one just never knows when that time may be…but if it is rushed before that time it often leads to misery( or in the water…cramps!). great metaphor!


  4. yeah sometimes it feels good to ease back in…but get ready to jump soon enough…smiles.


  5. Jump in with both feet, Adee 🙂


  6. very clever imagery. I like it a lot


  7. Go girl, swim, go for the horizon 🙂


  8. A tentative entrance is sometimes best.


  9. You go girl….I am all behind you…Mwah xoxoxoxox


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