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Sidey’s Weekend Challenge: 05.11.2010 – Innocence

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Toilet training
Two innocent pups
Taking them outside
On to the grass
Using the word
Decided upon
Pee, wee, widdle or piddle
They smelled the grass
And smelled the flowers
They smelled the soil
And chased each other
Across the lawn
Round and round
Up and down
Eventually giving up
I went indoors
To the toilet myself
Sat on the seat
And glanced up to see
Two little angels
Squatting on the toilet floor
And looking up at me
With big grins and innocent eyes
Waiting for praise
Parents take heed
Your children will do as you do
And not as you say!

I don’t know whether anyone else has had this experience, but I found it so comical and so frustrating. There they were, trying their utmost to please me. But they wouldn’t go to the toilet outside – only when I went and WHERE I went.

©DGA 05.11.2010 11:22