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The Puzzle of Life


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The Puzzle of Life


Life is a convoluted puzzle

Way beyond our comprehension,

Links within links,

Clues within clues,

Seemingly straightforward

But curved just out of sight

So that the pieces never fit

And nothing is what it seems,

Or the pattern repeats

‘til we think we know where it leads

And the ground falls away

Beneath our feet.


©DGA 21.11.2010 06:47

Author: adeeyoyo

I am a middle-aged South African woman, living in Johannesburg. I began writing poetry towards the end of May 2010. I love animals – sometimes more than people! I am back after a break. Thanks for still being here, if you are! Missed you! xxx

28 thoughts on “The Puzzle of Life

  1. are we supposed to be able to fit it together, or is that a myth created to make us dissatisfied with our lives?


  2. It make-believes us to think that found its clue but it always ahs a trick or two up its sleeve.


  3. It’s a labrinth …


  4. ha, just when we think we have it all together…it all changes…aint that the truth…


  5. Frustrating (re your last comment), yes – but only until we let ourselves dive into the adventure of it all. I have loved working jigsaws since forever, but the puzzle of life seems to require a different set of problem-solving skills… 🙂


    • I just seem to get it all together as Brian (above) says, and something upsets the apple cart! I think the lesson here is to learn to be more flexible (hard for me). I also think it’s a question of ‘attitude’ and love your ‘dive into the adventure of it all’ because that’s what it’s all about! Tks Ruth.


  6. It is very strange – and I like the line about the patterning – will we ever find the underlying mechanism? Perhaps only when we die, or not… 😀


  7. The perfection for me is in the not-understanding, in the constant wonder of every new moment. How awesomely rich life is! Well put Adeeyoyo


  8. Oh Wow Adee…this is SO good and SO true…guess it makes life interesting.


  9. Isn’t this the truth!…This poem tells the shear fact of life Adeeyoyo also known as …how the cow ate the cabbage around my house. Great job!
    …I do hope your knee is doing alright.


  10. Lovely piece, Adee! Personally, I think if the pieces don’t fit, the puzzle was poorly made! Always shift the blame 😀


  11. this poem excites me like never before. you have done such a wonderful interplay of verses and imagery. i like the way you compare life to a jigsaw puzzle board. and each one of us, have to live the days completing the whole picture. thought provoking, indeed!


  12. Hope you are well Denise. Hear from you soon.


  13. you know…had not seen you in a while and thought i would stop by….hoping the puzzle is coming together a bit for you.


  14. lol!

    Loved It! So fitting for…well, I’d dare say for us ALL!

    Couldn’t help but visualize the Tapestry as well.
    That Tapestry of which we see only but the strings…



  15. Missing you Adeeyoyo! hope that Christmas time is full of warm memories (…and great pain pills if your hurting). Peace be with you girl!


  16. STILL in my thoughts.


  17. I hope this finds you feeling a lot better.
    Thinking of you and missing you.


  18. You’ve been quiet lately!

    I hope you have a merry christmas and wonderful holiday time!


  19. I am new to your blog and find it simply alluring, stimulating and awakening. Your words seem to show a side of enlightenment and will enjoy reading one after another of your pictures / poems.
    Thank you for your words.
    Sandra K.


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