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Spin me a tale of knights
And fair maidens,
Of Braveheart slaying the dragon;
Keep me entranced
With victories of good over evil
That I’m at peace as I lie in my bed,
And the pain dissipates in my head
Bowing to the power of words and actions
That surround me,
And take over my mind while I sleep.

©DGA 16.01.2011 07:50


Where are You?

Loner Pictures, Images and Photos

Where are You?

A stranger watches me

Through your empty eyes.

A foreigner kisses me

With your cold lips.

An alien holds me

In your dead arms.

Where have you gone?

Where is the man,

My mate of many years,

My other half,

Who said he loved me?

©DGA 01.11.2010 16:33


Empty Spaces

Empty Spaces Pictures, Images and Photos

Empty Spaces

What fills the empty spaces
In your head?
Does a tune play
As a backdrop for today?

What fills the empty spaces
In your head?
Don’t rearrange
Things you cannot change.

What fills the empty spaces
In your head?
Don’t hold fast
To memories of the past.

Dream dreams, make plans,
The morrow is on its way
And just around the corner
Is a brand new day!

©DGA 12/01/2011 15:07