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The Hungry Girl

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The Hungry Girl

Once a week, on a Monday for me,
We put out our refuse bins
For the waste collectors to take.
There are numerous people who pass by
And check through the bins to see
If anything of value to them was being thrown out.
Some have old supermarket trolleys,
Some have rusty old wheelbarrows,
And some only have paper packets.
Paper, cardboard, metal and plastic of all shapes and sizes
Are sort-after prizes.
These scroungers sometimes make quite a mess,
Spilling the bin contents in the street.
I went out of my gate to close the cover
And looked up to see a small girl
Who had suddenly appeared out of the blue.
She could barely see over the top of the bin
Which always contains only garden cuttings
And a black bag of kitchen rubbish.
I asked her what she was looking for
And she said she was hungry.
So I asked her to wait while I fetched her something to eat
As there was no edible food in the bin.
When I came out about ten minutes later,
Sandwiches and cool drink in hand,
There was no sign of her –
And I have looked for her every Monday since then
And wondered who she was and where she came from,
Poor child.

©DGA 27.03.2011 20:13