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Eagles Hatching on Live Video Stream


Eagles Hatching on Live Video Stream

High above the ground
Feathers ruffled, nest shaking
In the wind
The eagle sat hatching her eggs
Chirps and tweets could be heard
Emanating from beneath her
The wind increased
The rain spattered her feathers
As dawn slowly lightened the sky
She sat hunched over
Her wing feathers puffed out
To afford more protection
From the weather
Suddenly a flash of black and white
Swirled around from left to right
And the male eagle landed
He bent over his mate
And fed her a titbit from his beak
Then, as she shuffled over to the side
He replaced her on the nest
Great excitement on my part
As they moved I had the tiniest glimpse
Of two snow white chicks and an unhatched egg

©DGA 04.04.2011 21.35


The Key to my Heart

Key to my Heart Pictures, Images and Photos

The Key to my Heart

You broke my trust
When you carelessly lost
The key to my heart.
It is irreplaceable,
You are irresponsible,
And there is no replica available.

If, over time,
I am able to find
A duplicate door,
Will my heart ever thaw?
Will I find a guarantor
To keep it safe for evermore?

©DGA 01.04.2011 16:32