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This Shadow of Life

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This Shadow of Life

Sometimes I fancy that this life
Is but a dream, an interlude,
For our eternal soul.
An experience perhaps
To enrich our inner selves,
To teach us certain values,
Agape, patience and charity
Before we re-awaken
In our heavenly home.

©DGA 27.05.2011 23:19


Nature Untamed

Grimsvoetn Volcano erupts in Iceland

Nature Untamed

Sweet Mother Nature has rebelled
Heat explodes from the bowels of the earth
Shattering rock.
Boulders fly into the sky
In this, another show of strength.
Below, fire and ice.
Nature holds the world to ransom
On a whim?

Image: Google Reader, from Plog by Megan Lyden
©DGA 26.05.2011 09:14


Silver Spangled Dress

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Silver Spangled Dress

I dream of dancing
In a silver spangled dress,
The moonlight reflecting,
Holding me in its caress.

I dream of dancing
With the sunlight in my hair,
Splashing in the waves
Without a single care.

Running on the beach
With sand between my toes,
Living in the moment –
Alive, despite my woes.

‘Pride comes before a fall’,
But the fall got in my way;
One can seldom have it all –
Perhaps another day…

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©DGA 25.05 2011 10:27



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Great excitement yesterday,
The IEC was on its way
To let the residents have their say,
But this turned into a non-event
As insufficient papers had been sent.
And so we wait again today
Hoping for no more delays.
Special votes must take place
On the two days set aside
Prior to the voting day
Taking place on the eighteenth of May.

Image: by gopher1409 –
©DGA 17.05.2011 12:57



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In the care centre
Of this retirement village
I am surrounded by suffering,
Some with Parkinsons,
Some with heart and/or lung disease,
Carrying their life-saving oxygen,
Some dealing with the devastating aftermath of strokes.
Those who pass over in their sleep
Or suddenly from heart failure
Are greatly envied by those suffering and left behind.
Many pray for release,
None are afraid,
All are at peace.
I am like the proverbial fly on the wall,
Watching, waiting…
Admiring the human spirit in the face of adversity…
And wishing I could heal the sick and the suffering!

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©DGA 15.05.2011 08:50




Rich velvet voices,
Voices of molten gold,
Silver threads embroider
An audible picture
Of beauty in the wild.

Harmonising sounds,
Shades of dark and light,
As the Painter wields his brush
Creating His portrait of life.

Songs of joy,
Traces of sadness,
Goodbye Africa departing,
The old replaced by the new,
Gold replaced with dross.

Image: Flickr –
Bedik village of Iwol, Southeast Sénégal
by gbaku

©DGA 15.05.2011 06:01




Muddling, befuddling,
Days of infinite confusion,
Obstacles fly by
Like flailing windmills
In a lowering sky.
Outlawed and outcast,
Sent to hell and damnation,
Outmanoeuvred in His game
Until defeat I conceded.
The sun emerged
As clouds disappeared,
The path ahead runs straight and clear –
Let Thy will be done O Lord.
Let Thy will be done my God.

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©DGA 13.05.2011 14:40