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Wishing the Time Away

Wishing the Time Away

I never thought I would deteriorate
To living from meal to meal,
Growing to reflect just what I ate
By just wishing the time away.

Wednesday will see me back on my legs
And using the muscles that slept,
Standing again on my own two feet
And taking some tentative steps.

Recovery is on my horizon at last,
Exercise will fill my day,
Time will grow wings and take to the sky
No more wishing the time away…

©DGA 31 July 2011 10:42


Two Grey Heads

Two Grey Heads

Two grey heads
Engrossed in conversation
Nothing as serious
As the state of the nation
Listening intently
As the other spoke
Waiting politely
For her turn to talk
From recipes and knitting
The scope of interest ranged
And ideas of all kinds
Were considered and exchanged
But I had to hide a smile
As I listened all the while
Because it was quite comic
That each was conversing
On an unrelated topic

©DGA 29 July 2011 13:05


What if…

Sidey’s Weekend Theme, 22.07.2011: What if?

What if…

What if the sky was green
And the grass was blue
What if you loved me
And I loved you

What if the clouds were brown
And the sea was pink
What if I would own
Just what I think

What if I could see
What if you could tell
Is it Fate putting us
Through this earthly hell

What if we went back
To where we were
What if we never met
And we were pure

We can’t blame Fate
For our dilemma
The choice was ours
To live with forever

Nothing’s too hard
For Him to forgive
It’s for us to decide
How we want to live

©DGA 22 July 2011 11:32


Leg Break

Leg Break

This is the contraption which I have been wearing for the last 14 weeks. Next Monday it will be removed and replaced by a brace around the whole leg which should be more comfortable and which can be adjusted to accommodate walking. Yay, I should be able to turn over in my sleep too!

I won’t be posting very often for a while as exercises will take up a lot of my time and I will be moving out of the care centre into normal accommodation in the next few weeks.

Miss you all. God bless. Denise


Stranger in the Night

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Stranger in the Night

A stranger in the night,
Moving in the shadows
And avoiding the light.
A pale moon shining
Just enough to see his way,
To put his mind at ease
Before the dawn of day.

“I’m not allowed to see you
Through no fault of my own,
But before I go away
I’ve come to let you know
You will never be alone,
I will always love you so.”

The small child smiles
As she opens her eyes,
“Dada came in the dark
And he kissed me goodbye,”

She points to a mark
Like a tiny little heart
In the palm of her hand.

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©DGA 13 July 2011 11:20