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Leg Break


Leg Break

This is the contraption which I have been wearing for the last 14 weeks. Next Monday it will be removed and replaced by a brace around the whole leg which should be more comfortable and which can be adjusted to accommodate walking. Yay, I should be able to turn over in my sleep too!

I won’t be posting very often for a while as exercises will take up a lot of my time and I will be moving out of the care centre into normal accommodation in the next few weeks.

Miss you all. God bless. Denise


Author: adeeyoyo

I am a middle-aged South African woman, living in Johannesburg. I began writing poetry towards the end of May 2010. I love animals – sometimes more than people!

14 thoughts on “Leg Break

  1. Oh you poor thing – I couldn’t stand it – thank goodness you are moving on from that contraption (I have had friends in similar devices) – wishing you all the best in your recuperation and big hugs from me.


  2. At last. You have been so patient you deserve it all to just go well now.


  3. Gosh, I’ve been so bad visiting blogs the last few months that I missed this. I’m so sorry you are going through this. I wish you speedy healing, Adeeyoyo.


  4. Best wishes for your recovery


  5. Oh my go goodness Denise..I did not know about your leg. How did that happen?

    You will be sorely missed with your absence but we shall all still be here when you come back. Just waiting for you!

    Best of luck my friend



  6. Wish you everything normal and back to creative work.
    NS Murty


  7. OMG Denise, this must have been pure hell. I hope the next phase toward your healing passes quickly. xxx


  8. I don’t know how I did not know you had been laid up for so long. . .and here on my own blog I’ve been complaining about nothing! I know how good it feels to finally get upright again, but remember that your body has grown unaccustomed to being prone, and you will get VERY DIZZY at first! Physical therapy can be uncomfortable, but it is so worth it in the long run to do eactly as they instruct you. It gets easier and easier!

    I’ll be praying for your return home soon, the rapid regaining of your repaired leg, and always, that you may be blessed with enough. . .


  9. I don’t know what caused all this Denise, but I’m glad you are on the way to real recovery now.
    Our prayers are with you, and our best wishes for a speedy next phase as your freedom grows.



  10. Ouch! I knew that you’ve been bedridden for the past 3 months, but not that you couldn’t even turn over. 😦

    How did you land in that sticky wicket in the first place?

    Take it slow and steady when they let you out of that bed.


  11. All the best, Denise. Such discomfort is very tough, and one longs for an end to it. Hope the new arrangements make you much, much more comfortable.


  12. Dear Adeeyoyo

    I though that you had had a knee reconstruction and did not realise that you are recuperating from what looks like a femur break (someone close to me had to wear that contraption after breaking their femur) I can only imagine the agony and frustration that you have endured these past 14 weeks.

    I hope that Monday brings relief and the start of the fast-track to healing and full health for you.



  13. Denise, that’s just awful. I had no idea it looked like that. It is like something from a medieval torture chamber. I feel so bad for you. I am sending you lots of good healing vibes and positive thoughts. And heaps of hugs XXXX


  14. Thank you, everyone, for all your good wishes. I had a knee replacement in November 2010 and was walking normally when, in April this year my thigh just snapped in half, so I was almost back to square one except that the knee is still ok, but has been immobilised until the thigh has healed. I love you. Denise xxx


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