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Experience – Haiku


Experience – Haiku


Experience is

The reward we get given

For being alive


©DGA 21 August 2011 12:02


Author: adeeyoyo

I am a middle-aged South African woman, living in Johannesburg. I began writing poetry towards the end of May 2010. I love animals – sometimes more than people!

20 thoughts on “Experience – Haiku

  1. that one is the perfect haiku


  2. Yes Denise, the adage goes: If you don’t get anything else, you shall get experience.
    I am afraid this doesn’t fit into the Haiku format strictly.
    Roughly speaking, it is two divergent images in two lines followed by a third, a statement that establishes the relation between the first two. In the classical style the first image should indicate a season. Also, Haiku is less philosophical and pedantic. It is just to create a spontaneous feeling ‘ah’.
    Nevertheless, this is fine.


    • Thank you Sunamu! I know virtually nothing about poetry, my friend. I just write what comes to me. But I do know about that ‘ah’ feeling with haiku and this one did sound very pedantic to me. I love haiku about nature, flowers, seasons, etc. but I am learning still… maybe one day… I really do appreciate what you have told me and will try to keep it in mind.


      • Your poems attest your creative abilities Denise. Nobody needs to. You are a very good poet without any doubt. You have such an easy flow and natural instinct to poetise your experience. My only objection was to it being called a Haiku. Not to its content. I just did not want you unwittingly join the bandwagon of poets who pass their poems as Haikus which they are not. No hurt intended or pedantry envisaged. Sorry if I hurt you by my statement.


        • I understand what you meant, Sunamu, and I wondered whether to remove the word ‘haiku’ from the title. But then I’m not sure which others are also incorrectly named… I think I should refrain from using the name at all, rather than get it wrong. I am not offended by what you said, in fact I appreciate your honesty rather than letting me continue using the term incorrectly. It appears there are many forms of Japanese poetry and it seems that some poets lump them all under the misnomer of haiku. I thank you again for clarifying your comment and for the compliment re my poetry. I must say I am aware of sounding pedantic often in my writing, and have to consciously edit it out of my work.


  3. If we have the wisdom
    to incorporate it
    into our being.

    Nice stuff, Denise.!


  4. Hiya Denise..I never thought of it like that but it is true. experience is the reward…. without it none of us would be any wiser or have lived life to the full.


  5. and we got to truly be living to get it…smiles.


  6. … a reward, I might add, that often takes a lifetime of experience to appreciate 😉


  7. Experience is
    most times learned not by
    success but failure.


  8. YES! If you stay on this side of the dirt, you actually learn a few things. 🙂


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