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Spring is on its merry way,

Buds will bloom another day,

Clusters spread along the vine,

We would share a flask of wine.


Sitting in the lukewarm sun,

Remembering when we were one,

I think back to where we were,

Wonder where our paths diverged.


I am here and you are there,

It was all too much to bear,

Death denies a second chance,

We were lucky to have it once.


©DGA 27 August 2011 09:42

Author: adeeyoyo

I am a middle-aged South African woman, living in Johannesburg. I began writing poetry towards the end of May 2010. I love animals – sometimes more than people! I am back after a break. Thanks for still being here, if you are! Missed you! xxx

24 thoughts on “WE

  1. A lovely poem and beautiful words.
    Death is a grim reaper but hey! there are greater rewards and happinest yet to come


  2. What a beautiful poem!


  3. I still have disconnect. Spring? What is she talking about? Fall is coming. Oh, and then I remember about this northern and southern hemisphere backwards thing. God sure messed that one up.


  4. We are blessed to have them once, Denise. I must remember that 🙂


  5. Sorrow is the price we pay for joy.

    Hope you’re making progress with rehab, Denise! 😀


  6. Denise, such a combination of optimism and regret sure tugs at my heart strings.
    But a good poem, my friend.


    • Thanks for liking this John. Hope you are enjoying your holiiday. 🙂


      • Yes, it’s great here.
        The gannets are feeding out to sea, and I hope to see an otter and a heron here some time
        Hope your convalescence is going well, Denise.



        • Lovely to watch nature and the seabirds, John… I envy you. I have never seen an otter, except in the movies.

          I’m getting on fine, slowly but surely, thanks. Walking a bit further each day. I’m hoping to move into a bed sitter on 5 Sept. but will still fall under the Care Centre for the next while.


  7. remembering times once shared…yet unable to have again…sweet with a hint of sadness…nice write adee


  8. Very poignant. We never forget a loved one. Often the change of seasons highlight the loss as we remember days shared. Beautiful.


  9. Someimes the smallest thing can bring it all back…


  10. Death is a denier of second chances… How often it steals them away.


  11. The joy of spring, the sadness of fall, encapsulated all in one. Each beginning proceeds and end; within a season or a life.


  12. Memories that evoke regret can be our undoing, Adee – your poem reminds me of a interview with Shaun Tomson I saw on ‘African Voices’ on CNN the other night, where he talked about the accidental death of his son – he said of children something along the lines of hold them closer and then hold them closer still, which could be applied to anyone we love, but sometimes in the crush of daily life, it’s difficult to heed that advice – we are only human, after all…


  13. Thank you Bb! I think the very worst thing for any parent is to lose a child… Is that Shaun Tomson the surfer? Whether he is or not, my heart goes out to him… Dreadful loss.


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