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(un) Lucky Leg

What will it be today,

Frumpin’ lumpin’ jumpin’ Jehosephat?

Twisting, turning, cramping, screaming…

Wanting freedom,

Heavy as a large salmon

In the bottom of the boat,

Threshing, thrashing,

Or heavy as lead,


As a slab of meat,

Oven ready for the meal?

Or will you show your delicate side,

You Jezebel, born in hell,

Lead me up the garden path

Only to punish me with pain


©DGA 29 September 2011 06:41


Come and Dance with Me


Come and dance with me

Let us move to the music

As the tide draws the sea

Come and dance with me

‘Til we feel our hearts beating

In rhyme, yours and mine

Come and dance with me

Just you and I

Beneath a star-studded sky

With the moon riding high

And the man in the moon waves goodbye


©DGA 27 September 2011 11:18


Versatile Blogger’s Award

I have been given this award by Miss Whiplash and by Sonsothunder, but I am changing the rules somewhat. I am handing it to five good bloggers and will be telling you five things about myself (I’m not a very interesting person, lol).

1.  I am a mother of two and a grandmother of four.

2. My grandchildren are (almost) grown up, i.e. they think they are, but  they  really aren’t.

3. I am living in the Care Centre of a Retirement Village – I am STILL  learning to care for myself, lol!

4. I am a very  spiritual person.

5. I have no idea how tall I am, probably a little over 5 ft, and I weigh, at a guess, somewhere around 55 kg.

and now for the lucky recipients:

1. Granny

2. Hannah-Elizabeth

3. Nancy

4. John

5. Carl

Congratulations you guys.

Much love.

Denise 😀


Father forgive us


Father forgive us

We are destroying, and have destroyed

Eco systems which make life possible on earth

We have taken your gifts for granted

With no thought for tomorrow

We have enjoyed the abundance

Of the fruits of the earth

With selfishness, lack of consideration

Lack of forethought

And made assumptions

That the earth would sustain us forever

Father God we humble ourselves before you

In deepest humility

We beg your forgiveness

Please instill in us the will

To repair that which we have broken

To renew that which we have used

Asking only that you inspire us with your wisdom

To put things right


©DGA 25 September 2011 04:57


Happy Feet

 Sidey’s Weekend Theme – 23.09.2011: Feet


 I’ll sing you a song

To paint a smiley face

And you’ll sing along

To make this a happy place


We’ll clap our hands

And infect the whole world

As the beat of our feet

Makes the sound on the ground

Echo deep through the land


I’ll sing you a song

To paint a smiley face

And you’ll sing along

To make this a happy place


©DGA 24 September 2011 07:10

&  for the latecomers:





 There is beauty

In even the most

God forsaken


Beauty in

The cold stark lines

Desert sands

Rocks exposed

Rainbow coloured

Layered bands

His mark is there

His name engraved

Etched in time


In the sky

With every sunrise


Giving the lie

He does not forsake

Abandon nor disown

His creations

His works of art

His magnum opus


©DGA Thursday, 22 September 2011 03:21


I have no words…

Can the Somalian tragedy be changed into our greatest humanity?

Photo’s above:

Photo’s below:

I won’t be doing any more posts for a few days.  I am fast running out of my gig allocation for the month 😦

Roll on the time when I will be back on ADSL 🙂