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The Curly Bits


Sidey’s Weekend Theme – 09.09.2011: The Curly Bits

The curly witch

Had a curly nose

With curly fingers

And with curly toes


Her ears were curly

And so was her hat

She lived at home

With her curly cat


And the curly witch

She fried some bacon

‘cos she loved to eat

All the crispy, crunchy, munchy curly bits


Image: Author (with apologies!)

©DGA 09 September 2011 17:01

Author: adeeyoyo

I am a middle-aged South African woman, living in Johannesburg. I began writing poetry towards the end of May 2010. I love animals – sometimes more than people!

46 thoughts on “The Curly Bits

  1. That was a curly poem ( I mean lovely) may your bits always be curly


  2. hehehe, very wickedly curly


  3. Cute! – words and drawing too (and no apologies please🙂 ) A most lovable witch, methinks..


  4. Denise – why on earth apologise for such a lovely sketch – full of curliness!
    I enjoyed this so much I showed June, and she loved the whole thing.
    We shall read / show it to our grandchildren, and they will no doubt enjoy it,
    as will your grandchildren.
    Loved it!


    • I won’t make excuses then, but suffice it to say it didn’t take 5 minutes altogether, rhyme and drawing. Thank you John for being such a good friend and I’m glad June liked it too.😉


  5. I have found that the best poetry, art, and prose comes through us sometimes in LESS than 5 minutes…Muse is a wonderful thing, I love this curly little diversion from all the overly intellectualized jargon, and political negativity flying around these days.
    Bacon Bacon Bacon
    God Bless You


    • You are right, Paul. I was just playing the fool on a piece of paper when I did this. But of all that I have written so far, the ones I consider the best all virtually wrote themselves!

      Yes, indeed, bacon, bacon, bacon! Mmmmn.

      Bless you, and thanks for the visit.


  6. I am going to phone my granddaughter right now and read this to her.
    she is going to love it.


  7. She DID love it…giggled away…now I have to get her Mom to print it out so she can learn it.
    You have a new fan.


  8. Even if it were for fun, you touched a good subject Denise. Perhaps you have heard of Fractals… Nature by its volition is not Euclidean. Every surface you watch is curly, curvy haphazard but not circular, square or rectangular. They are only our approximations to the ideal. Thus, not only your curly witch, all of us are all curly… curvy… (every bit of us).


    • Thanks Sunamu, for teaching me this. What would I do without Google? I am no maths fundi unfortunately though I used to dream I was a reincarnation of a mathematician when I was young. I love the way that everything is analysed and broken down…


  9. ha. this was delightfully fun…nice play on a doodle too..i do that all over my notebook…thanks for the friday smiles…


  10. Ha! Love this, picture and words! Think I’ll share this one with Maddie and Felix…


  11. I like it! I really have no talent at all for poetry…. You make it look very easy. Good drawing too…… I can not even draw a good stick figure🙂


    • Mark, if you promise you won’t tell anyone, I can’t either! You know, after I started blogging, I came across someone who wrote poetry and wished I could do it too. Next thing I tried and have been doing it ever since. Make no mistake, I am very much an amateur though, hahaha! Lovely to have you on board!😀


  12. Loved it, Denise. I’ve had a sad day and this made me smile all the way down to the tips of my curly bits!

    BTW: That “cat” looks like a floppy haired rabbit. 😉


  13. Very amusing, adee, I am also thinking of bacon for the theme😉


  14. I see a children’s book in the making here!


    • You know when my children were little I used to make up stories and think to myself that ‘one day…’ because it was so easy. Now I think I’ve lost that ability. You know the saying ‘If you don’t use it, you lose it’!


  15. Excellent – I love all the curly bits on the witch🙂


  16. This is brilliant, really funny, I loved it.

    And don’t apologise about the drawing, it’s way better than anything I could do. (though I was going to remark about the rabbit until I saw that Nancy did😉 )


  17. Haha! We both went into re verse, and we both ended up with a pig!


  18. Pingback: Nothing More Than Something « Spirit Lights The Way

    • Thanks so much, Nancy, for the recommendation! I appreciate it very much. At first I thought you were introducing us to another blog of yours, lol. I will read through Nancy2’s blog later today. Thanks again.😉


  19. I really like your drawing and your porem. The Curly Witch would be a great character in a children’s book!


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