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Versatile Blogger’s Award

I have been given this award by Miss Whiplash and by Sonsothunder, but I am changing the rules somewhat. I am handing it to five good bloggers and will be telling you five things about myself (I’m not a very interesting person, lol).

1.  I am a mother of two and a grandmother of four.

2. My grandchildren are (almost) grown up, i.e. they think they are, but  they  really aren’t.

3. I am living in the Care Centre of a Retirement Village – I am STILL  learning to care for myself, lol!

4. I am a very  spiritual person.

5. I have no idea how tall I am, probably a little over 5 ft, and I weigh, at a guess, somewhere around 55 kg.

and now for the lucky recipients:

1. Granny

2. Hannah-Elizabeth

3. Nancy

4. John

5. Carl

Congratulations you guys.

Much love.

Denise 😀