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(un) Lucky Leg


What will it be today,

Frumpin’ lumpin’ jumpin’ Jehosephat?

Twisting, turning, cramping, screaming…

Wanting freedom,

Heavy as a large salmon

In the bottom of the boat,

Threshing, thrashing,

Or heavy as lead,


As a slab of meat,

Oven ready for the meal?

Or will you show your delicate side,

You Jezebel, born in hell,

Lead me up the garden path

Only to punish me with pain


©DGA 29 September 2011 06:41

Author: adeeyoyo

I am a middle-aged South African woman, living in Johannesburg. I began writing poetry towards the end of May 2010. I love animals – sometimes more than people! I am back after a break. Thanks for still being here, if you are! Missed you! xxx

18 thoughts on “(un) Lucky Leg

  1. that garden path seems to have the the scene of the crime


  2. Lead me under false pretenses is, l suppose, a crime, Carl. 😦


  3. iy, to tempt and tease and them steal it away…nice imagery and allusion on the salmon


  4. Sometimes it has a life of its own, cramping that is out of control. Conversely it can feel as dead as a piece of meat. But punish me later with the aching pain. The imagery is the most accurate I could come up with, lol! Thanks, Brian.


  5. You have had a long hard road to tread, Denise. I hope brighter days are on the horizon.


    • It’s not so bad, Nancy. I thought the cramps were a thing of the past, only to have them resurrect again last night! Never fear, magnesium tabs are here…


  6. Denise, the energy! This crackles: tremendous writing. And if it is autobiographical I’m sorry you’ve had to deal with it: but not sorry you write it. Fabulous.


  7. Denise, Kate is dead right about the energy. and I echo her sentiments.
    The other day I asked how it was going, and I sure have my answer.



  8. Great write, Denise – was hoping it’s fiction, but your comments suggest not…
    I thought you had the Jezebel thing right down pat – loved that image especially.


  9. I feel bad you’ve had to go through so much. The imagery here packs a punch. I love it when anyone says Jumpin’ Jehosephat!!!


  10. So nice, so nasty

    ps – I use slow release potassium when I start getting cramps


    • Four or so magnesium tablets in the early evening usually suffice to keep it away for the night. I usually got the cramps in my lower right leg, but these last times were worse in that they happened inside the knee replacement – ugh!


  11. I had to hit the “Like ” Button, Denise. Of course not that I like the idea of you having to suffer…but for the awesome metonymy of rapid, rhythmic words.
    Bless You
    hope you feel better


  12. Better than it was, but still there, hovering, if you know what I mean? Thanks Paul.


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