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Maker of Heaven and Earth

Tanzanian Landscape

Peebles, Scotland. Cuddy River


Maker of Heaven and Earth


Who can deny God

When the beauty of the earth

And the wonder of life

Give us proof


From the harshness of Africa

To the gentleness of Britain

And the starkness of the poles

His existence is written


Images from the top downwards:

©DGA 31 October 2011 04:35


Mutua Matheka

Yesterday I came across an absolutely fantastic blog which I would like to share with you.
Mutua is an extremely talented photographer of wildlife and has been travelling around Africa taking some stunning photographs which I am sure you will enjoy.

©DGA 30 October 2011 09:49


A Fairy Tale

Sidey’s Weekend Theme  29.10.2011


Once upon a time…

[Old version]


Oh, no, dont let the rain come down

Oh, no, dont let the rain come down

Oh, no, dont let the rain come down

My roofs got a hole in it and I might drown

Oh yes, my roofs got a hole in it and I might drown.


There was a crooked man and he had a crooked smile

Had a crooked sixpence and he walked a crooked mile

Had a crooked cat and he had a crooked mouse

They all lived together in a crooked little house.


Chorus: Repeat above


Well, this crooked little man and his crooked little smile

Took his crooked sixpence and he walked a crooked mile

Bought some crooked nails and a crooked bat

Tried to fix his house with a rat-tat-tat-tat-tat.


Chorus: Repeat above


Now this crooked little man and his crooked cat and mouse

They all live together in a crooked little house

Has a crooked door with a crooked little latch

Has a crooked roof with a crooked little patch.


Chorus: Repeat above



[New Version]

There was a crooked man

Who had a crooked wife

And they all lived together

And led a crooked life


Then the little crooked man

And his little crooked wife

Were both put in jail

For the rest of their life


… and they all they lived (un)happily ever after.

©DGA 30 October 2011 05:19




Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, the Beatles and others

I knew nothing of my sisters and brothers

Being a music lover in the past

There was a gap in my education

And I skipped a complete generation


I was living like an outcast in the desert

Without a melody, without a harmony

I became a complete introvert

 Missing the compositions of the others

Spending my life submerged in another’s


There was only one goal for me

To live my marriage in harmony

I kowtowed to the man of the house

Like other members of my generation

Not realising the extent of my deprivation


©DGA 29 October 2011 17:07



Limpopo Area


I want to go

To Limpopo

Where the waters flow

And the forests grow;

Land of secrets and legends,

Relics and treasures,

Where wildlife abounds

In protected surrounds

With hopeful immunity

From hunters with impunity;

Home of Modjadji

Mythical Queen of the Rain,

The history and mystery

Of the kingdom and ruins

Of Mapungubwe;

So much to do,

So much to see

In this wild country


Baobab Tree and Giraffes


©DGA 28 October 2011 06:50

Note: Rudyard Kipling – The Elephant’s Child:




A Different Heat


His fingers slipped in sweat

As he strived to contain the threat.

Drops ran down his brow

Restricting most of his view.

He paused to wipe his face

 And, consciously braced,

Separated the wires,

Checking them with care,

Swallowing his fear.

Then, eyes shut tight

Closing out the light,

He used his knife

And sliced.


©DGA 26 October 2011 19:49


Jake the Peg


A picture of despondency

Such resignation

Poor Jake the Peg

Sits apart, his back hunched

In abject dejection

While the other birds

Scramble and squawk

Over the scattered crumbs

His humble mien

Servile and meek

He waits his turn

When the rest have gone



©DGA 25 October 2011 22:26

Note: I have nicknamed the one-footed Hadeda that visits morning and evening ‘Jake the Peg’.