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Invisible 5



Chosen for her easy nature

Pliability, malleability

Plasticine-like quality

To be moulded into the perfect wife

To share his ambitions

His dreams and drive

T’wards the perfect life


And she, in love with love

Flattered and thrilled

Sweet-talked and cajoled

Happy to be chosen by this boy

From all the girls around

Was quite giddy with joy

To be the one he’d found


And so the years sped by

He, working hard with no time to play

Building his empire day by day

His trophy-wife playing her role

Yes dear, no dear, three bags full dear

Whatever you say dear I will agree

As long as I know that you love only me


Headlines flashed around the world

Luxury home bathed in blood

Tycoon dead

Wife of many years said

They were so looking forward

To his retirement at last

Reward for the hard work of the past


Secret lives of the rich and famous

Who shall remain nameless

Although not blameless

Are laid bare for all to share

Money can indulge all tastes

Penchants, and inclinations

Temptations and innovations

But the price can be too high to pay

When the day of reckoning comes your way



©DGA 14 October 2011 22:45

Author: adeeyoyo

I am a middle-aged South African woman, living in Johannesburg. I began writing poetry towards the end of May 2010. I love animals – sometimes more than people! I am back after a break. Thanks for still being here, if you are! Missed you! xxx

20 thoughts on “Invisible 5

  1. Oh good – a nice happy ending! 🙂


  2. Oh what a sad ending, but there couldn’t be any other way, this is life

    very good poetry, even if you did keep us waiting day after was worth it!

    love P


  3. Dramatic….and tragic. Sometimes there seems as if there is no way out…


  4. Very sobering, Denise. We often look at the big houses and large estates, but they are no guarantee that the occupants are happy. Our little house is a semi- detached one in a suburb. It ain’t grand but we are very happy thanks be to God.



  5. what goes on behind the gloss veneer…this one def took a twist i did not see coming back at part one…


  6. money just allows you to be happy or miserable in grander surroundings


  7. Whodunnit?! You can’t leave us hanging like this…:)


  8. The trails of sudden prosperity shall always leave foot prints of blood, Denise, theirs or others. Until you burn your life out, you will not know whether you leave ash behind or come out pristine pure. That is the tragedy of life we can’t have a say.

    Your first three stanzas are extraordinary. They reflect a kind of love trap all of us love to indulge in. Long time back, I read a fwd… An interview with God… a lovely piece. There the protagonist asks what what surprises him most. God answers: Man invests his health to amass wealth till 40. After that he reinvests that money to get back his health, which he cannot.

    Your poem reminds of that. Say whatever you, people are not inclined to learn from others’ experience. That is damn temptation of life.


    • Oh, Sunamu, you are right on all counts, I fear. Man is determined NOT to learn from others’ experience, but to challenge it for himself. I LOVE God’s answer and that, too, is the truth, lol! Make one realise what fools we are! 😀


  9. It’s true, the price can be incredibly high. Too much money or too little money is usually a problem. We should all strive to land somewhere in the middle. A very sad poem.


    • You’re right Selma. I think people are tempted mainly through either boredom (too much) or desperation (too little). Our reaction to whatever our circumstances are is what is important.


  10. Fantastic build up Denise, I was sad to read ‘THE END’.


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