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Jake the Peg



A picture of despondency

Such resignation

Poor Jake the Peg

Sits apart, his back hunched

In abject dejection

While the other birds

Scramble and squawk

Over the scattered crumbs

His humble mien

Servile and meek

He waits his turn

When the rest have gone



©DGA 25 October 2011 22:26

Note: I have nicknamed the one-footed Hadeda that visits morning and evening ‘Jake the Peg’.


Author: adeeyoyo

I am a middle-aged South African woman, living in Johannesburg. I began writing poetry towards the end of May 2010. I love animals – sometimes more than people! I am back after a break. Thanks for still being here, if you are! Missed you! xxx

26 thoughts on “Jake the Peg

  1. Sounds like a good name for him. Poor Jake, hope they leave some for him…


  2. Poor little guy, he looks exactly what I picture as ‘woebegone’ the way he sits with his back turned deliberately to the others. Btw I save his share for later… (Remember the song ‘I’m Jake the Peg’?


  3. Poor Jake, but such a good portrait of him!


  4. Well, he’s got you watching over him, Adee, so life ain’t so bad for JTP

    (that clip is such a throwback to childhood :-D)


  5. Glad you save his share for him.

    We fed a one-footed seagull the other day at the beach. He flew fine . . . and ran around pretty well, despite the missing foot.


    • Some days are better for him than others (just like us, I suppose). Some days the lack of a foot doesn’t appear more than just uncomfortable, but on other days he really seems to battle and hardly walks.


  6. I want him to get first dibs one of these days!


  7. you do stir the emotions for him…i feel for him in his humbleness…


  8. Poor guy. It must be hard for him. I hope he gets enough to eat!


  9. I was concerned that he gets the RIGHT things to eat, but on his better days he does peck around in the grass. I heard that someone had phoned CROW and there’s nothing they can do for him.


  10. Beautiful bird though, And I’m kind of partial to the name as well. Nice post Denise, as usual


  11. Oh adee, poor Jake 😦


    • Yes, Cin, wish I could help him more. Btw, if you look back to the pic of the view from my front door, you’ll see him on one of his better days. 🙂


  12. Feeding behaviour is common to all animals. The strong get stronger, and always take the first food.
    I just knew you would save a little for him, Denise.


  13. I know we shouldn’t, but sometimes I just can’t help interfering, John. 🙂


    • You betray a compassion for the weak and the underdog, Denise. That is truly great.


      • Thanks, John, you say the nicest things! I’m just too soft-hearted for my own good.

        Btw, thanks for befriending Kieran. He arrived on my site out of the blue. I’ve no idea where he got my name, but I am trying to help him get started. I think he is very talented.


  14. I sense a self-portrait of days gone by.


  15. Poor Jake 😦 that’s the pecking order for you (happens to birds and happens to humans) – did you know Jake the Peg was a song too?


  16. Yep, I put it on my post too, but then removed it, lol! Loved it donkey’s years ago!


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