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Slow the World Down


Things are moving too fast

Rushing from first to last

Racing from beginning to end

What happens if we come to a bend

Faster and faster we whirl

Our brains are delayed as we twirl

We get slightly concussed

And our judgement is mussed

And what we have to confess

Is why our world’s in a mess

Deadlines with red lines

Exchange rates and datelines

To say nothing of fraud and corruption

Plus conservation disruption


©DGA 30 November 2011 17:31


Birth of Day


the old cane rocking chair

creaked back and forth

back and forth

on the farmhouse stoep*

the figure hunched

against the cold night air

held her warm gown close

across her bony chest

as she watched the sky

lighten almost imperceptibly

with the pale rose of the sun

birthing a new day


what it would bring


*stoep – South Africa a porch or veranda

©DGA 30 November 2011 04:52






There’s a black moon

Sailing in the sky tonight

Foretelling warnings,

Desolate mo(u)rnings,

As its shadow passes over the land,

Our fatherland, motherland,

Our homeland,

Consuming joy,

Exuding sorrow,

Suffering tomorrow.

Father, bless our land,

Present and future generations,

Bless our Rainbow Nation,

With unity,

With harmony.



©DGA 28 November 2011 15:43


Secrecy Bill


What’s the use of a constitution

That’s the envy of the world?

(We are told)

There is no sign of restitution

When it can be chopped and changed

To hide fraud and corruption.

As soon as investigation is mooted

We have to change to right footed;

The media becomes the enemy

And fear rules the roost;

Fear the enemy will spread the news –

And other views –

Which will not amuse.

What is there to hide?

Is it more than meets the eye?

Is it too much to abide?

Even old comrades

Are becoming disillusioned

In all the confusion.

©DGA 28 November 2011 07:49


Freedom in a Bubble – Repost

Sidey’s Weekend Challenge – 25.11.2011: Bubbles



Freedom in a Bubble


I am in a bubble

Floating in the air,

Drifting in the breeze

To I know not where.

Wonderfully weightless,

Up and up I fly,

Higher and higher

In a cloudless sky.

Oh what a feeling

Of freedom at last –

No more looking back

To the prison of my past.



©DGA 26.09.2010


African Rain


I wished in vain

For little drops of rain

While the ground lay dry

And cracked beneath my feet


The hot wind teased

The brown grass seeds

And blew them helter-skelter

Across the dust-dry earth


A muted rumbling

A flash of lightning

Far away in the vastness

Of the mountainous distance


Relief was looming

The rain was coming

Dark clouds appeared, rain escaping

In a deluge straight from heaven


©DGA 24 November 2011 08:26




Once upon a fairy tale

In my naivety, I believed in love

And forever-after happiness

Till in disillusion I shrugged off

The cloak of self-deceit

And freed myself to breathe

To find myself, allow myself to be

With no stifling restrictions

At last I was free, the inimitable me

I found my compass to check my progress

Without which I would surely have been lost

The devil’s daughter, saved by He

Who truly set me free


©DGA 23 November 2011 05:49