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Goodbye, dear friend, goodbye

The struggle is done

God reached down his hand

And fetched you home

We were as sisters, you and I

Recognised each other

From years gone by

I knew you and you knew me

Before time and pre history


©DGA 09 November 2011 08:08

Author: adeeyoyo

I am a middle-aged South African woman, living in Johannesburg. I began writing poetry towards the end of May 2010. I love animals – sometimes more than people! I am back after a break. Thanks for still being here, if you are! Missed you! xxx

38 thoughts on “Goodbye…

  1. Sad, but you have memories of a long and true friendship


    • I met her in April when I came here to the Care Centre. We both felt as if we had known each other for ever and had so much in common. She help me tremendously while I struggled to come to terms with my injury, the fact that I had to sell my properties and stay here permanently and lose my independence. I realised that most of the patients and residents here had had similar experiences and losses.


  2. You never know with poetry, Denise, but if this is true and recent then my heart goes out to you.
    But very poignant.
    Thank you


  3. Ditto what John said. A great commemorative poem and sounds like a great friendship.


  4. I am truly sorry, for a loss like that is like a piece of you is missing…for now.


  5. You have suffered greatly, lost everything, still … you give us joy in your writings. Bless you!


  6. Friends and family are gone. I have not been able to be as accepting as you. The say with time…..Well, have entered 7th decade and still…….


    • Carl, I’m so sorry. Life can be hard, I know, but you just have to make the best of what you have. We don’t know what lies around the corner… and we must keep our eyes open to see. God bless you.


  7. So very sad, but yet comforting because it sounds like there is finally some peace there.


  8. Sorry adee, very sad {hug}


  9. i am glad you can say goodbye…i hope they lived a full and wonderful life…sorry for your loss…


  10. How wonderful to meet a soul-friend – even though later in life, it was a heavenly gift that you both received and shared. I don’t see God so much reaching down and taking, as receiving and welcoming, which is what God did and does.

    I have a feeling you have been a wonderful source of friendship and comfort to the other residents at the care center. You are carrying on the friendship by passing it on.

    I send my love and also my admiration for you, a wonderful lady who knows how to make the very best lemonade from the sourest of lemons!


  11. How lovely that you had got to meet and know her… and I’m sure she felt the same about you – soul sisters.


  12. It’s hard to say goodbye, Denise: it’s good you both had a chance to know each other. So sorry.


  13. What a lovely, moving piece of poetry.


  14. I knew you and you knew me

    Before time and pre history…

    This is so lovely thought Denise.

    The more I think of it the more it pleases me. As sub-atomic particles, we must have moved restlessly in the same atom, as atoms we must have defined the character of a molecule, as molecules within the same body we must have defined the species itself. How sweet is this thought.


    • Thank you Sunamu! I do believe we can and sometimes do recognise people from before this existence. Whether it is from past incarnations or from wherever we were in the past before our birth I don’t know.


  15. Oh sad, Adee – you have had to deal with so much loss this past year 😦


  16. Sorry to come in so late. This is very sad, Denise. Hope you are OK.


  17. I am fine, Mark, thank you.


  18. I only just came across a link to this post in a comment of yours on one of my poems (I was using the “Random Post” option) and had not read this post before either, so I had no idea of your circumstances. I am so sorry not to have been to this post of yours before. WP is not 100% efficient in sending everything that is set up to my in box, as I have told you before. Enjoy your weekend, Denise.


    • Sometimes WP can be a real let-down, but mostly it is Okay, Ben. I think they are constantly fixing things which then impact on others… a never-ending nightmare! Have a great weekend too, Ben. I have a bit too much on my plate lately and must re-organise my life, lol! 😀 (bit too much to do justice to anything).


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