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Bodiam Castle




Brooding in the background,

Twice besieged romantic ruin,

Has watched the world go by

From 1385 until today

With sightless eyes.

He listens to the birds’ chirp,

Smells the flowers’ scent,

Bathes his feet in his private pool…

What more can an old man ask

Than to be a part of life

But savour his independence too.



Image: ©Cherryl Stone

©DGA 18 November 2011 07:45

Author: adeeyoyo

I am a middle-aged South African woman, living in Johannesburg. I began writing poetry towards the end of May 2010. I love animals – sometimes more than people! I am back after a break. Thanks for still being here, if you are! Missed you! xxx

28 thoughts on “Bodiam Castle

  1. I am totally amazed at the architectural accomplishments of the masons and other craftsmen of 636 years ago, without the benefits of cranes and earth-moving equipment and power tools etc. The time of construction must have been measured in decades. Thanks Denise for a really nice poem and post.


  2. Jack is quite right about long construction times, Denise. Great post. I feel in empathy with your poem. Being somewhat of an old man, I too value my independance. I have made a promise to myself to go there. Thanks for the tip from way down south.



    • Yes, and it’s not really that long ago. We have made such advances in a relatively short time, John. The photo was taken by my sister who is living in England for a year or two – a ‘trial’ period. The children in the photo are some of her grandchildren.


  3. A castle as a grumpy old man – haha – very apt!


  4. Very important to ‘be part of life’ and still ‘savour independence’. I love it – thought provoking!


  5. That’s a lovely poem Denise


  6. and when the water gets cold in winter? maybe he’s even grumpier?


  7. Aaah, there is hope for us elders; independence is our most valued treasure.


  8. i think those are essence of a good life for sure….and so cool to still see castles standing…i wanna go to a castle…


  9. Castles are so romantic . . . even when lying in ruin.


  10. Very fitting, poem to picture – love it and especially the depiction of the castle as an old, old man…


  11. Thank you for this image of a castle in word and visual, Denise. I love them and, because of geography, don’t often have the opportunity to visit. It amazes me that these ancient men still stand to remind us of who we used to be.


  12. Oh, now, I never expected a treat like this, Denise! Bodiam is one of Phil and my favourite haunts, perched down there on the river waiting for invaders long after they have departed. Just love this poem, the picture of it sitting with sightless eyes. It’s one of the most perfect microcosmic castles: not huge but perfectly formed. Moat, drawbridge, the lot.


  13. You capture the essence of atmosphere conjured by that impressive place.

    Some years ago I stood on the ramparts looking out as men had done for so many centuries before me. I got chatting to a teacher, and I remember him complaining that the youth of today are quick to assert rights, but not to accept any of the responsibilities that go with them. Just something that stuck with me!


    • Thanks, Col. Probably some youth, but I don’t think he can generalise that all youth are like that. I find the youth of today are, in many ways, more mature than we were at their age.


  14. A curmudgeonly old castle, haha – lovely, Adee 🙂


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