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Slow the World Down



Things are moving too fast

Rushing from first to last

Racing from beginning to end

What happens if we come to a bend

Faster and faster we whirl

Our brains are delayed as we twirl

We get slightly concussed

And our judgement is mussed

And what we have to confess

Is why our world’s in a mess

Deadlines with red lines

Exchange rates and datelines

To say nothing of fraud and corruption

Plus conservation disruption


©DGA 30 November 2011 17:31

Author: adeeyoyo

I am a middle-aged South African woman, living in Johannesburg. I began writing poetry towards the end of May 2010. I love animals – sometimes more than people! I am back after a break. Thanks for still being here, if you are! Missed you! xxx

40 thoughts on “Slow the World Down

  1. This even reads fast… Excellant writing!


  2. Hahaha, by the end of the poem I just wanted to go back to bed and start the day all over. Now I’m depressed, and tired.


  3. Change. The new status quo is that there is no status quo.


  4. I just got back from my “slow the world down” walk. Great writing makes us feel, Denise. This one made me dizzy. I totally understand the need to slow down and try to embrace it most days of the week for a little bit.


  5. Reminded me of

    “Will you, won’t you, dear mobsters, join the dance?
    Sense has yet to ever become common;
    it is marking time still till the moment
    you slow your madcap barely human race.
    Disabuse yourselves; the final frontier’s
    not outer space but rather inner time.

    You’ve managed to plant a flag on the moon
    yet seem unable to feed the starving.
    Pigs at the trough and lambs to the slaughter.”

    so I reposted it


  6. hehe – just don’t slow it down enough to make us fall out of orbit (I need my sun!)
    Seriously though, I know what you mean and agree… am feeling the same way. Is it the chaos that ignites change (which lord knows we need)? I like what Carl said.


  7. Lovely – wise words for these times – people need space for thinking just like #occupy have tried to do


    • Ah yes, I still have hope for them to make a difference, Nicola. Amazing how the movement grew and spread! I hope it doesn’t just fizzle out. Thanks for your visit and comment!


  8. you can say so much in your words Denise..if only the world would slow down!


  9. You have that right Adee and the older we get the faster it goes….why is that?


  10. Very well said
    What I’ve just read!


  11. Spent the day at the hosptial today . . . everything moved in S~L~O~W motion. It took 5 hours to get the patient patient a drink of water.


    • Hope you weren’t the patient, Nancy. I have heard that our hospitals are similar. Not funny! I only go for X-rays and that department is really jacked up. Patient patient… lol!


  12. We need superman to turn the world backwards on it’s axis 😉 Slow is the only way to go (why be in a hurry to die – it will happen soon enough) – I choose to live a slow and uncluttered life (well as uncluttered as possible given I have kids – haha). Good poem to remind us all what is important adeeyoyo.


  13. You’ve evoked a breathless pace here, Adee – fantastic!


  14. We are forever chasing the next big thing.


  15. Very well written Adee…today we are all in some sort of a race trying to outdo each other. And in this race we have forgotten the primary reason for us, which is to just Live and Enjoy.
    After all “Life is the ticket to the greatest show on the universe.”


  16. yes please slow down


  17. Great stuff, Denise, I loved this.
    Oh Yes !! Slow down life. In the South of England life runs at an awful pace.
    . In the North things are just a little more leisurely.
    I came from Up North, and I think that was my saving, because I retained just a little of the calm in a hectic working life.

    Thanks Denise


    • I can’t believe how fast life has become, John. You are lucky to have experienced a slower pace… Despite all the so-called labour-saving devices life keeps getting faster…


  18. def feel the frantic pace of the world through your words…i think many of us have the best intention of slowing down but never really give ourselves a chance as we just keep adding things to the list to do…


    • Well, at least I don’t have that problem now, or for the next good while, Brian. I’m not sure if I could handle it again, lol! Everyone should give themselves a break if they can now and then…


  19. Amen. maybe if we took the time to consider things the world wouldn’t be in such a mess. Very well said. Hear hear!


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