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Birds’ Nests

Façade of the Nairobi University


Birds’ Nests


Nests of breeding

For feathered birds

Seats of learning

For human nerds

Suffering agonies

Student bodies

Studying binaries

Or antiquities

Make their homes

In the cavities


Image: Mutua Matheka

©DGA 22 November 2011 06:41


Autumn Mirrors

Kew, England

Autumn Mirrors


Autumn mirrors in the river

Burnished colours, rich and bold

Jewelled leaves clone their treasure

Yellow, crimson, red and gold


Image: Kew ©Cherryl Stone

©DGA 21 November 2011 11:35


Bodiam Castle



Brooding in the background,

Twice besieged romantic ruin,

Has watched the world go by

From 1385 until today

With sightless eyes.

He listens to the birds’ chirp,

Smells the flowers’ scent,

Bathes his feet in his private pool…

What more can an old man ask

Than to be a part of life

But savour his independence too.



Image: ©Cherryl Stone

©DGA 18 November 2011 07:45


Carousel of Seasons


Swing high, swing low

This is how the seasons go

See-sawing up and down

Like a carousel round and round


Here today and gone tomorrow

Happy sun and clouds of sorrow

How the weather shapes our mood

How our mood can be subdued


Light and playful breezes blow

Barely touch the water’s flow

These soft winds become a gale

On the rocks the ships impale


Fickle weather fickle mood

Do not seem to augur good

We should always be prepared

To stand against the one who dared


Do evil deeds and sinful feats

 And brings the world to disrepute

And spreads his malevolence

On those around him every one


©DGA 16 November 2011 17:22



A man is arrested as police clear the private park next
to Juan Pablo Duarte square of Occupy Wall Street protesters following their
early morning eviction from Zuccotti Park on November 15, 2011

(Spencer Platt / Getty Images / AFP)




At least I have somewhere to stay…

At least I have something to eat.


Shame on you City Fathers,

Is this how you treat your brothers?

Go on, paper over the cracks,

Hide the crumbling walls,

Carry on with your lying,

Your Democracy is dying!


OWS = Occupy Wall Street


©DGA 16 November 2011 02:06




When your gut is tight with fear

Remember to say a prayer

Because God is always near

And you can be sure that He will hear


You are a magnet

Attracting the things you dread

Drawing them ever closer

Like a horseshoe enticing lead*


God will protect us

He will never reject us

And the pathway to God is Love

We must clear the road for His light

Open our hearts to Him

Feel his love come pouring in


* Lead is not affected by a magnet – poetic licence!

15 November 2011 09:46



Sidey’s Weekend Theme – 11.11.2011: Things aren’t always what they seem to be




tell me what is the cost

when there is little that money can’t buy

and the value on the face of it

is higher than it’s worth

while meat can be pliable or tough

when you read a book is it enough

just to look at the cover

with never a glance inside

is a face that is kind

always a sign of benevolence

and tell me is al-truism the truth

while elvis sings of love

from other side the grave

and the moon is so bright

that the night is almost as light as day

©DGA 12 November 2011 06:09