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The Wind





Herald of the weather


We gather

All together

Hot and humid

At the seaside

Blowing seasand

Breath is spumid

On the skin



Chilling scheme


©DGA 14 December 2011 12:49

Author: adeeyoyo

I am a middle-aged South African woman, living in Johannesburg. I began writing poetry towards the end of May 2010. I love animals – sometimes more than people! I am back after a break. Thanks for still being here, if you are! Missed you! xxx

22 thoughts on “The Wind

  1. Aaah, blowin’ in the wind brings freedom to the nomad.


  2. Ah yes..the wind! sometimes here it blows so fierce that it can be quite frightening, but also the wind blows the cobwebs away in our mind and makes things clearer.
    Great poem Denise, you are working well

    Love P


    • Yes, it does, Patrecia. Last night, midnight, I couldn’t tell if the racket was the wind or the rain. Think it was a combination of both. Today, beautiful and sparkly clean!


  3. You may have meant weather rather than whether in line 3, but the use of whether can be quite thought provoking. “Herald of the “whether(or not)”.


    • Spot on, Carl! That’s what I meant, but I wasn’t sure how to write, ideally, a combination of both words with some letters in brackets perhaps. I have been racking my brains – to no avail, lol!


  4. any way the wind blows it doesnt really mater to me…to me….



  5. Here in the plains we have alot of wind. Nothing much to stop it or slow it down. In fact we have many many wind farms here. Wind turbines collecting the wind’s energy to power states very far away.


    • That is excellent news, Jeannie! At least they are built in the right place. We had a scheme going here, but in an area of very little wind I have heard… makes you wonder…?


  6. “Spumid” the word piqued my curiosity. With Mr. Webster close at hand(usually for my spelling inquiries) I delved into the S’s and lo and behold found, spume and spum(e)d. A light then dawned on this dimwit and the phrase “poetic license” came to mind. And a ‘A rhyme in time saves mine.’ often works for me I settled on that as the reason for “Spumid”. Please let me know(post haste) if I was correct in that assumption, as I am foaming at the mouth in wait of your answer.


  7. Denise, thanks for letting me use your words to travel to summer. The humid wind was a nice change for me.


  8. Had to look up ‘spumid’ haha – what a great word


  9. What a breath of fresh air is the wind through the trees . . . or blowing cross the seas.

    Thanks, Denise.


  10. I really like the lines “herald of the weather – whether”


  11. It blows wherever it wants! Such freedom…


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