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Holding on to sanity

Finger tips scrabbling

To stop her tumbling

Over the edge

Listening to the echoes

Of voices in the hollows

Wading in the shallows

Of her memory


©DGA 17 December 2011 15:07


Author: adeeyoyo

I am a middle-aged South African woman, living in Johannesburg. I began writing poetry towards the end of May 2010. I love animals – sometimes more than people!

33 thoughts on “Memory

  1. There’s some delightful imagery at play here. Well done!


    • Thank you so much, Edward/Ed/Ted (?), for your visit and comment. I like your site and the subjects you choose and will be spending some time there soon…


  2. Oh my gosh, Denise. This will go so well with the post I’m writing tomorrow. I’m going to link to this poem. Haunting and perfect.


  3. memory and sanity share a common shore…along with reality…they all kinda blend at times….


    • Yes, Brian, they do seem to have blurred lines separating them. I think it must be one of the worst things to realise what is happening and to try to hang on! Unfortunately every body part wears out eventually, including the brain…


  4. “Holding on to sanity
    finger tips scrabbling
    to stop her tumbling…..”

    I myself have experienced that very scenario. When, from somewhere in the recesses’ of my mind, I could hear someone or something yelling,
    “let go, I’ll catch you.”
    I did….They didn’t….!
    Super poem Denise.


  5. Memories come back sometimes to remind us that we have unfinished business. Sounds like someone struggling to get through to the other side of acceptance.


  6. The two extremes of wading in shallows while still being at the edge of an abyss put that slipping away very powerfully.


  7. I’ve did some volunteer work with a dementia sufferer – she could still play her piano perfectly and without music sheets, but couldn’t recognize her own grandchildren – it must be so disorientating and frightening


  8. Good stuff, Denise. Very powerful


  9. My grandmother slowly lost touch with what we call reality. I always wonder what people who no longer see what most people see are actually looking at. What is behind those blank stares or endless ramblings?



    • I have wondered that myself, Tim. I thought maybe they relive their memories (some early ones are still real to them)… I hope it’s a gentle world they inhabit…


  10. Good thoughts, Denise! Memory is a wonderful ally . . . but can also remind us of what we’d just as soon forget. 😉


  11. Nancy’s right, it’s sometimes better to forget. Strong poem, adee 🙂 xxx


  12. Wonderful, Denise. The mind is such a complex thing. Looking forward to reading Andra’s in the light of this, too!


  13. Lovely poem – it reminded me a little of Gerry with dementia story, who is an artist but trying to stay connected


  14. Good stuff adeeyoyo – love the ‘scrabbling’ fingers (really heightens the image of an old lady).


  15. Learning to accept without giving up.


    • I think you have to struggle against it. I listened to that link Nicola provided (above) and I agree with him. If you give up then you could divorce yourself from the world.


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  17. A struggle from insanity to sanity is well depicted Denise. The first 3 lines are so expressive.


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