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Birth Pangs



I birth my poetry

To the music in my head

Whistling the tune

Between my teeth

Singing the words

Under my breath

‘Cause losing the thread

Would be the dance of death


©DGA 28 December 2011 19:33

Author: adeeyoyo

I am a middle-aged South African woman, living in Johannesburg. I began writing poetry towards the end of May 2010. I love animals – sometimes more than people! I am back after a break. Thanks for still being here, if you are! Missed you! xxx

32 thoughts on “Birth Pangs

  1. If we don’t hang onto the thread of words . . . they tend to drift away into the ether. 😉


  2. You’ve described it so well… the wonderful thought that enters my mind… and just as soon, it’s gone with the breeze. I find it difficult to hold onto the breeze.


  3. Love it, adee 🙂


  4. Your words are heartfelt from a poet: The threads of the prose once lost, may be lost forever.


    • That’s so true, Maxi. Especially when I wake in the middle of the night with almost the whole poem in my head and certain that I won’t ever forget. Come daylight, it’s gone! I keep a notebook and pen next to the bed too!


  5. nice..i feel you completely here…music is a big inspiration…but also the words just come at times and i have to grab them quick…always a notebook nearby


  6. Isn’t it awful when the perfect set of phrases comes at a time when recording them is impossible, and by the time that possibility is restored the bird has flown?


  7. There is a surprising and uncanny relationbetween us and nature, Denise.

    This is my interesting subject from childhood.

    Maybe we inherit it from nature. When stars are formed, or when a supernova occurs, everything spins around and around. All stars, star systems, our earth everything spins. Even our ideas spin before they take a concrete shape like a star or a planet or a meteor.

    Even our words spin in our brain around a humming that spins thread-like.


    • Oh, Sunamu, you have described it so well. Thank you! I feel my thoughts spinning. These are the times that I really KNOW that God is Great and I can’t understand how some people can doubt His existence.


  8. Denise, I think you speak of true inspirational poetry. It happens to me sometimes, but not quickly. I get a thought in my head and it takes so long to come to fruition. I really have to work hard!!!
    Lovely poem, Denise. Thank you.



  9. And strange that what finally comes out is often not what we begin with


  10. The rhythm and musicality of poetry – very important – great poem about the making of poetry. I came to an interest in poetry mainly from an interest in lyrics in music (like Bob Dylan stuff) and wrote a few poems to fit exactly with a tune (it’s a good exercise to force you to think about the meter and lots of fun).


    • I have always loved music (except for the gap years when my marriage was disintegrating) and used to collect the lyrics when I was a teenager (won’t say which ones, haha). I started blogging just prose, then read: ‘s
      poetry and, wham! decided to try writing last year. Now I can’t stop, lol! Thanks for the comment, Gabe!


  11. Amen, as a fellow poet, or at least a chum
    I too dance to this same drum
    Yesterday I lived to dream weave tunes
    I’d make myself wake up to grab parchment and plume
    Before micro cassettes, I was lost without a pen
    Wrote one liners on napkins, toilet paper, and even my skin
    I’ve come to realize that the words were never mine
    But sent to earth from a spirit divine
    If we don’t use them…Somebody Will!!!
    So, Bless your prolific soul, plasma canvas,
    And Keyboard Quill…

    Oh, and I agree with all your ideas
    about the “Dark Globe Awards” or
    Awards programs…
    Bless You


    • Last first: Thanks, Paul for agreeing. I hated the forfeits and so just started ignoring the ‘nominations’, lol! I would like the awards to really mean something so that accolades from fellow bloggers are more meaningful to whomever is chosen.

      I love the idea that we just pluck our ideas from the ether and I feel that this is often the case. I too jot down ideas, phrases, rhyming words, etc. etc., but sometimes struggle to read my writing! The music I hear is sometimes a tune, sometimes just drum beats. It varies.

      Great to see you back, Paul. God bless you too.


  12. It’s interesting that you talk about your poetry being ‘birthed’ to music in your head because I often write like that myself, either to actual music or to a kind of melodic feeling in my head. Does that make sense?

    Music and poetry, of course, are very closely aligned and I think that channelling music somehow adds a depth to writing that might not otherwise be there.

    I know what you mean about losing the thread too.I cling on for grim death !!


    • It’s so nice that you know what I’m talking about, Selma, and what you say makes perfect sense. Long, long ago I used to wish I knew more about music and could write my own. Now, however, that has passed and I am totally in love with words.

      There are lots of signs in your writing that you are a ‘secret’ poet. You choose your words like we do and I adore reading your work.

      As for the threads – well if I could tie them all to my hat or my hem I would be set for life!


  13. Very nice!


  14. Thank you so much, Hook. 😀


  15. I had just commented on a blog yesterday how we birth our writing…..


    • Thanks so much for the read. I glanced at your posts and liked what I saw – but you know there’s always the problem of Time… I will be back though. 🙂


      • I realized after you got my initial response that you probably took the whole dog thing the wrong way. I was mortified. I had just finished volleying comments with a blogger who’d said his cats were running his third blog. So I thought you were being cute and clever, that you were posing as the dog of the gravatar, owned by the John you’d named. I was playing along. Yikes, what a mess. Anyway, I hope it’s cleared now! Laugh. The limits of online communication.


        • Not at all. I saw that you are a new blogger (at WP anyway) and so didn’t realise that people use pictures of ‘anything’ as their avatars. I know for a fact that some people open and write their blogs on behalf of their cats and/or dogs too. Please let it go – it’s not important. 🙂


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