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Life is aMaze-ing


*Edited – comments lost…


Life tries to move you

In another direction

And in retrospection

What you think was a loss

Is often a gain, in the main

You want to turn right

But the road is barred

Bottomless chasm on either side

Is it a message or is it a challenge

Is there hope with a flimsy rope

Choices, choices…

All the voices

In your head

If you go with your gut

Will you get stuck in a rut

Retrace your steps

Turn to the left

Or forge ahead

Is there more than one way

To the end of the maze


©DGA 05 January 2012 11:19

Author: adeeyoyo

I am a middle-aged South African woman, living in Johannesburg. I began writing poetry towards the end of May 2010. I love animals – sometimes more than people! I am back after a break. Thanks for still being here, if you are! Missed you! xxx

28 thoughts on “Life is aMaze-ing

  1. The last line is so true and why do people insist and why can’t people be open minded to see their own particular religion despite its alleged merits excludes any other possibilities? How can anyone delude himself that he has an exclusive monopoly on truth? The more educated I became over the years, the more humble I became because I became increasingly aware of how much I did not know.


  2. And when you can’t think
    which way you can go
    In the space of a wink
    You suddenly know
    That a new door is open
    and when you go through
    there’s another way
    in front of you



  3. Life will lead us if we’re willing to follow along.


    • I know that, Jeannie, but I always mess up by jumping the gun, lol! I am too impetuous and I know it. I have to be calm and take things slowly… always, from now on.


  4. Sounds like my life in the next few months!


  5. it certainly takes a deft skill to maneuver it at times with any success, but that should not keep us from trying…smiles…i have had to back track a few times myself…


  6. This reminds me of Susan Jeffers, Feel The Fear: choices, she says, are just pathways to different flavours of life.

    It’s a nice thought.


  7. Very cool, rhymical poem. I don’t believe in wrong paths, just different destinations (unless of course you take the path of a serial killer, for example – then that is just wrong, full stop – haha).


    • I can assure you, Gabe, I am NOT one of those, lol! But every day things like taking a job you end up hating (or ditto for marriage), are they wrong paths, or are they right because you learn from them? Life can be very complicated…


  8. Really quite wonderful, Dee, and very reflective of the dilemmas most of face at least once in our lives – and usually many, many times. Thanks for the great thoughts.


  9. Somehow we find our way and still survive the turns. Beautiful Adee…


  10. Life is a steady stream of choices, but it is hope that gives us the courage to make them.


  11. A very spot-on description of life in general. Excellent work.


  12. There often is but we don’t always see it


  13. You write wonderful poetry: Direct, condensed, with meaning.


    • Thank you for your visit and compliment, Thomas, and for reading some of my other posts. I have had a quick look at your blog and will be back a little later when I can do justice to your poetry.


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