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Sea Shore

Sea Shore


As I pass along the sea shore of life

And navigate barriers along my path

The soles of my feet are battered and bruised

By rocks and pebbles randomly strewn


But when I reach the soft silken sand

Where waves lap gently and sun shines softly

My body is healed in the light of His love

And my soul is again made whole




©DGA 17 January 2012 00:42


Busy Hands


Back in the room we were before

Where the sun remained outside the door

Eight or nine old souls are there

Each ensconced in his own chair


Eyes cast down towards the ground

Silence reigns. The only sound

The clickety clack that needles make

Soft and rhythmic, quite hypnotic


In, round, through, off

In, round, through, off

Her neighbour busy too folding a tissue fanned

And ironing it smooth with the other hand


It’s quite easy to understand

The comfort gleaned from busy hands

Years of repetition ingrained

Rituals of the past retained


With the rest of the people it’s hard to tell

Just which of them are alive and well

There’s only one who meets your eyes

Before they slide away surprised


‘Cos no one cares if they’re alive or dead

Or fast asleep, though not in bed


©DGA 15 January 2012 08:39


Other Worldly


On the cusp of sleep

Thoughts, imagination, inspiration

Wander up hill and down dale.

Recollections… introspections… meditations…


Material obsessions:

Baubles bright in the sunlight,

Earthly jewels, possessions,

Worth nought in the afterlife.


Treasures of the soul:

Love, joy, contentment,

Life-energy spiritually whole,

Surrendered to His control.


©DGA 14 January 2012 09:10


Wedding Anniversary

I wrote this in celebration of my sister and brother-in-law’s wedding anniversary.


Wedding Anniversary


7 January 1971 – 7 January 2011

40 Years


Congratulations, I have to say,

On your reaching this special day:

The adventure of a lifetime shared,

A tapestry woven together where

Any tear in the fabric is fast repaired,

Goals and dreams have been attained,

Togetherness has been sustained

To live two lives in harmony as one,

Triumphant over challenges –

Well done!


©DGA 23 December 2011 10:32


Life is aMaze-ing

*Edited – comments lost…


Life tries to move you

In another direction

And in retrospection

What you think was a loss

Is often a gain, in the main

You want to turn right

But the road is barred

Bottomless chasm on either side

Is it a message or is it a challenge

Is there hope with a flimsy rope

Choices, choices…

All the voices

In your head

If you go with your gut

Will you get stuck in a rut

Retrace your steps

Turn to the left

Or forge ahead

Is there more than one way

To the end of the maze


©DGA 05 January 2012 11:19