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There are those who walk among us,

Thieves who bleed our vitality,

Pilfer our joy, fleece our contentment,

Then abandon us as they are –

Empty shells –

Poorer for having met them,

These vampires of the spirit,

These predators of the night.


©DGA 05 February 2012 07:27

Author: adeeyoyo

I am a middle-aged South African woman, living in Johannesburg. I began writing poetry towards the end of May 2010. I love animals – sometimes more than people! I am back after a break. Thanks for still being here, if you are! Missed you! xxx

34 thoughts on “Vampires

  1. Good poem but it sounds like the devil…vampires…so we shall all look on the bright side of life with Our Lord


  2. You know Denise, I reckon after such encounters we are richer, if we conduct ourselves with dignity. They are the losers, we grow stronger.



    • Yes, John, I agree we do become stronger if we hold ourselves aloof from their influence. These can be very difficult encounters, especially if you aren’t on your guard…


  3. I agree!

    Being around some people enfuses us with enthusiasm . . . while others just suck the life out of us.


  4. Best stay away from those who drain the joy, giving nothing in return. xxx


  5. The mind-vampires are indeed worse than anything Bram Stoker could come up with!


  6. ugh i know these all too well…its not garlic that scares them away…usually though if you are direct or just avoid them…ugh…


  7. Yes, Denise, they are drain on all of our positive energies. Better to try to stay away from them if possible…


  8. Powerful words, I’ve known some people who have behaved like this including someone who has done their best to get under my skin for several years – its not always as simple as walking away, but eventually their influence fades.


    • That would have been really difficult, Nicola. I hope this doesn’t escalate. As John (above) says, we should ‘conduct ourselves with dignity’.


  9. Ain’t that the truth…rather like JK Rowling’s dementors…


  10. Really BIG sigh. The vampires sap your energy.


  11. Totally agree – I’ve met a few of them and it takes a lot of strength to get out of their clutches – apt metaphor, the vampire


  12. I have met a few of those and surely are going to see a few more in the future.


  13. I’m on my way over there with a wooden stake and some silver bullets…Just leave a light on for me…and maybe a little bubble and squeak on the table…all will be cleaned up by the time you awaken…you’ll never know I was there…

    Stinken Bats…

    They should have opened their eyes…

    Bless You


    • Thank you, Paul, for making me smile (laugh, in fact)! I needed it and you are a real friend. Bless you. PS – I’ll leave the door open too, lol!


  14. Oh yes, have known a few of those, AD – quick, get the garlic!


  15. I am happy to say I have managed to purge such individuals from my life and make sure not to invite any new ones in. Reminds me of the Beatles’ “Fixing A Hole”.

    “wonder why they don’t get in my door”


  16. Emotional vampires. Not nice people at all. Gives me a chill just thinking about them…..


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