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The Secret Door


Hidden by bristly brambles

The thorny creeper rambles,

Its pointed fingers wind,

Meshing as tight as twine

Concealing, screening

My wounded feelings,

Safe and secure

Behind the secret door.


The hinges and lock

Were rusted with age

With no way to open

The make-shift cage.

And so I lived for twenty odd years

While my heart was healed

And I could reclaim

What was mine again.


©DGA 30 April 2012 08:32







Life stirs after winter’s death,

Its long, cold sleep thru the snow and sleet,

Bare twigs and dead sticks

Tingle with awakening

And new life shows its nose

Gingerly testing before resurrecting;

A time of marvels and miracles

Where life lives and death dies

Under lightening skies.


Image: Author

©DGA 25 April 2012 07:39

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The Path


My heart is rapt in the warmth of Your love

And Your light shines steady upon the path

But the devil’s name is Evil

He sets his snares here, there, everywhere

Devious detours, deviations

Heady scents of temptations

Powerful images and sensations

All things craven in this world of Satan

Almost irresistible; help me stay incorruptible

Keep me safe, give me faith

To follow in the light of Your love


©DGA 21 April 2012 05:31


God’s Gift to Me


My heart feels fit to overflow,

It is enough for me to know

I love you, I love you, I love you!

While time speeds past I know at last

He smiles on me in these autumn days.

Tick tock – stop the clock!

You’re further along life’s path than I

And as the months and years fly by

I see ‘tis only to the human eye,

But you and me we have eternity

And time stands still awhile.


©DGA 18 April 2012 06:22


He’s a Ladies’ Man


They come from north, south, east and west

To see him do what he does best

He spreads his charm as smooth as butter

To set their little hearts aflutter

He’s Casanova, he’s a Don Juan

He’s a ladies’ man


Brim-full of confidence

Oozing much benevolence

He reaps, and sows such compliments

Each believing she’s the only one

He’s Casanova, he’s a Don Juan

He’s a ladies’ man


Lady killer, Dusty Miller?

Is this the truth, Babe Ruth?

Should I call his bluff or do I play it safe?

Never mind, enough’s enough

He’s Casanova, he’s a Don Juan

He’s a ladies’ man


©DGA 14 April 2012 09:04


What lies Beneath


What lies beneath the surface?

Do I need to know?

Lead me by the nose

Or drag me by my toes?


What lies beneath the surface?

Is it born of love?

I cannot choose to be

Blind to what I feel.


What lies beneath the surface?

Is it what I’d like to see?

Be it contempt or scorn,

Just do not pity me.


©DGA 03 April 2012 07:03