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Waiting in the Wings


He is here

Waiting in the wings

Every eye shall see Him

And every ear shall hear

The glorious music of His coming

When the veil is peeled

And He is revealed

To the eyes of mortal man

He will descend

On the wings of a dove

Clothed in raiment of purest love

And at last we can

Prostrate ourselves before Him

In utter adoration

At the total liberation of our souls



©DGA 30 June 2012 07:40

I believe that the following is the correct manner in which to claim one’s copyright.  Better safe than sorry…

© Denise G Allen 30 June 2012 07:40



Whispering Forest


Deep in the shade of the forest glade

Where the leaves whisper secrets

And the wind unwinds,

Sheltered by the height and might

Of neighbouring trees,

I fancied a voice, as thin as a reed, could be heard

Crying though the loneliness,

“Jean-Pierre, Jean-Pierre,

Where are you, my son?

Come home, come home,


But only the whispering leaves hear my plea,


Come home to me.”


©DGA 07 June 2012 13:08




The coolest draft wafts

 Through the branches of the tree,

Ruffling its leaves

As I lie curled up with my book

In the elbow of its crook;

With creaks and groans like old bones,

Branches spread wide overhead,

Roots range far across this resting place,

The quick nourished by the dead,

This cemetery comforts me

With Life’s circle of eternity.


©DGA 08 June 2012 11:21