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My Poetry


It has always been my policy

To write my own kind of poetry

That which comes from my heart

And not my head

No form nor style

Except for a haiku now and then

(where I stayed awhile)

And I was at ease

Until I became trapped

Ensnared by a set on the internet

Discussing correct ‘form’

Which made me drown

In the ether of my discontent

(apologies to Will Shakespeare)

To say nothing of my ignorance

Hundreds – no, thousands of emails later

I have managed at last to free myself

What relief – ‘twas beyond belief…!

Rules are writ to be broken

Like words are wrote to be spoken

We are not so many peas in a pod

Whose poems send me off to the Land of Nod.


© Denise G Allen 01 July 2012 08:48