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I write what I feel…

Passion is…


The ability to get excited
By something or someone
To the exclusion of all else.

Life without passion
Is like sipping cold soup
On a bleak winter’s day.

©Denise G Allen 19 December 2012 14:41


Author: adeeyoyo

I am a middle-aged South African woman, living in Johannesburg. I began writing poetry towards the end of May 2010. I love animals – sometimes more than people!

20 thoughts on “Passion is…

  1. How very true! love it adee!


  2. Very good comparison to cold soup on a bleak winter’s day.. love it!


  3. May the passion in your life never turn cold, Denise.
    Blessings ~ Maxi


  4. Nor yours too, Maxi. God bless you. ♥


  5. Yes 🙂 there is so much to be passionate about


  6. Couldn’t agree more, adee. 🙂


  7. Thanks, AD. Passion and love (and they’re not the same at all) are what drive the world. 😀


  8. Poignantly passionate… Perfect! Nice poem Denise


  9. The only bit which has me doubtful is the ‘exclusion of all else’, unless it is only temporary. Otherwise passion would be a destructive thing, indeed!


  10. hey you…hope you had a good holiday…

    passion is def what it is all about…a rather bland life without it…


    • Hi Brian, how right you are!

      Having probs with my internet server… just to liven things up, lol! Technician couldn’t fix today… so… we… are… c.r.a.w.l.i.n.g… along, 😦


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