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Jack Frost Goes Calling



Wrapped up tight against the weather

Like a sausage in its skin

Hard to move all his appendages

As a mummy bound in bandages

Jack Frost is in disguise

Dressed to fit a larger size

A stalactite hangs from his nose

Red and bulbous as a rose

The poor, poor man is feeling ill

And a chill runs up his spine

He is starting to decline

Quickly pass a glass of wine

Help him out to the latrine

Strip him off down to his skin

We will have to start again…

Jack Frost is the personification of frost and cold weather,[1] a variant of Old Man Winter held responsible for frosty weather, for nipping the nose and toes in such weather, coloring the foliage in autumn, and leaving fernlike patterns on cold windows in winter.
Starting in early 20th century literature, more filled-out characterizations of Jack Frost have made him into a sprite-like character. He sometimes appears as a sinister mischief maker.

©Denise G Allen, 17 January 2013 14:24

Author: adeeyoyo

I am a middle-aged South African woman, living in Johannesburg. I began writing poetry towards the end of May 2010. I love animals – sometimes more than people! I am back after a break. Thanks for still being here, if you are! Missed you! xxx

12 thoughts on “Jack Frost Goes Calling

  1. Jack Frost
    In Durban, would be
    … Lost! …


  2. You are definitely hitting the middle of winter in UK, Denise.
    Thanks for the seasonal images



  3. ha…he came here…just started snowing…and we are to get 6 inches tonight…i am so glad…first snow of the year…


  4. Have fun, Brian! 😀


  5. “Wrapped up tight … like a sausage” Living in Florida I can’t imagine. Although I did spend some time in Cleveland. No thanks.
    Blessings ~ Maxi


  6. There is indeed something to be said about Jack Frost’s rampaging effectiveness this winter………

    Even here in Oman, we are experiencing one of the chilliest of winters ( though still extremely pleasant, mind you!) in recent memory.




    • Yes, indeed, Shakti. I can never understand whether the weather extremes are in actual fact caused by global warming or not. I do appreciate a clear distinction between summer and winter though. Thank you for visiting my blog and for commenting on this post. 🙂


  7. Always so good, adee …


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