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The view from a picnic site where we stopped to stretch our legs:

Pilanesberg - View

Pilanesberg – View

Here we have a group of Blou Wildebeeste (direct translation: Blue Wild Beasts/Animals). There were many herds of these scattered throughout the park, often accompanied by zebra.

Pilanesberg - Blou Wildebeeste

Pilanesberg – Blou Wildebeeste

A Blou Wildebees male:

Pilanesberg - Blou Wildebees

Pilanesberg – Blou Wildebees


Our eyes focus on the distant hills,
Scour the savannah below,
Then comb the undergrowth
Seeking a sign that we’re not alone.
Many a time we see
A giraffe’s head perched on a tree
And, as the road winds, all too often we find
He’s watching the view while he dines.
We came across a few giraffe at the side of the road. The first picture shows the giraffe gazing rather vacantly in our direction. The second photo shows a distinct change in his expression – mainly the set of his ears which are usually expressive in most animals – and his mouth.

Pilanesberg - Giraffe

Pilanesberg – Giraffe

Pilanesberg - Giraffe

Pilanesberg – Giraffe

Images and post ©Denise G Allen, 03 February 2013 22:28