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God Weeps



God weeps

At man’s inhumanity to man

As man cuts a bloody swathe across his own

Evil smiles at his devilish tricks

We must join hands for peace

Bond together to defeat

The evil one whose plans

Are under-hand and under-way

We must not sway from right

Not always easy to tell, but pray

For our Father to show us the path

And learn to harken to His voice

As He gives us the choice

‘Tween good and evil

‘Tween God and the Devil


©Denise G Allen, 20 April 2013 07:25

For a really positive take on the Boston bombings have a look at Connor’s post:

Author: adeeyoyo

I am a middle-aged South African woman, living in Johannesburg. I began writing poetry towards the end of May 2010. I love animals – sometimes more than people! I am back after a break. Thanks for still being here, if you are! Missed you! xxx

24 thoughts on “God Weeps

  1. Power post. We can hear how God wants us to live by reading His word.


  2. I meant powerful post.


  3. Amen Denise. But we must not forget that Good often lies hidden, whereas evil makes headlines. There is a great deal of Good in our world, too.


    • Thank you, John. Good deeds and good people should be brought to the fore in the media to counter balance all the dreadful headlines. But what I was getting at in the poem is that people are warring with each other instead of joining together to the betterment of mankind as a whole.


      • Thank you Denise. I agree with your sentiments.
        With the recent Boston terrorism I was diverted from your real meaning.
        Good poem, though.


        • Actually, John, I wasn’t thinking of anything specific, just about wars in general. There always seem to be wars going on somewhere or other!


  4. We have become much more aware of the evil that pervades the world through technology. It has made the world a smaller place. God never existed in some of the powerful countries and in others He has been forgotten.


    • You are so right, Pussycat. The whole world is just like neighbourhoods now and it is up to us to set good examples of how to live in harmony for the good of all.


  5. The dual that plays out in the world actually takes place within human individuals’ minds. Ours is the power and free will that is our birth right. And also therefore the responsibility.


    • Yes, that is true, Ben. Conceived in the mind and then acted upon. How much energy is wasted on warfare… and deception… why can’t man be open and honest without always having, or being suspected of having, ulterior motives. Only God can save us from ourselves.


  6. I do not mean to sound impertinent and disrespectful (Imma Presbyterian) but I have often thought that the Lord certainly oughtta weep for the far too many imperfections in His creation. But one of His advocates, John Calvin, posits such is inscrutable to me.


    • I think Calvin had his own beliefs, as do many of us. I don’t think we should stand in judgement of him but know/recognise what rings true in our souls and what does not. (That is, beliefs that are not supported in the Bible.)


  7. All we can do is live our lives in such a way that we don’t cause harm to others. It makes me sad to read of all the bad things that happen to people all over the world, not just man made violence, but natural disasters too.


    • I feel just the same AD. It upsets me so to see innocent victims of earthquakes, etc. but I am sure that there are reasons for everything that happens.


  8. Well written and said adee…it is so sad.

    I have nominated you for an award 🙂


    • Thank you so much for the comment, Hope, and also for the award. I’m sure you will remember that I am one of the bloggers who don’t do awards, but I thank you very much for the honour and for the thought. 🙂


      • Yes, I do. I could not help myself with this award – consider it a compliment 🙂 as you are part of my WP family 🙂


        • I did not word that properly, meant to say “I consider you as part of my WP family” hence the award, but I do understand 🙂


        • Thank you very much, Hope. It is a HUGE compliment and I appreciate your thinking of me as part of your WP family. I also feel that way especially about you and all the others who came over from our ‘previous’ site.


  9. You know, that is a really marvellous and validly positive take Connor has there. It certainly makes one think.


  10. Sometimes I can’t bare to watch the evening news of the day. It’s so terrible the things mankind does to one another.
    But then during a disaster or tragedy neighbors and strangers reach out to one another. What a blessing.


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