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Sick and Tired


Coughing racks the night away

Hour after hour

Minute after minute

And second after second

D…r…a…g… the hands of the clock

Tick-tock tick-tock

Pulling me forward when I need to go back

Remember… on the farm the cock crows

To herald the dawn before the faintest light

Bruised ribs ache when I awake

Raw throat, gargle with salt

An-other day thick head stay-in-bed…

(I had the best night’s sleep this morning, lol!)

©Denise G Allen, 13 April 2013 15:41




When you are neither young nor old
When youth has gone and age not yet arrived
It’s waiting in the shadowed wings of life
To show itself however slowly in the light

Even as day has hours of darkness
Where spirit fails to meet the sun
And the night is so much blacker
With murky patches hiding in the gloom

Remember the sun can’t hide forever
And the clouds will slowly burn away
Shining light will burst the cover
And there will always be a brand new day


©Denise G Allen, 09 April 2013 07:53


I Close my Eyes

Sidey’s Weekend Theme: The End of the World


I close my eyes and see the blazing sunrise,

A thousand fires aflame across the skies,

A thousand voices singing songs of praise,

And there You stand surrounded by your angels

With arms outstretched in open invitation

For us to come and make our home with You.


©Denise G Allen, 07 April 2013 07:46


Last Autumn Days


Winter arrived in a flash last night;
cold blue skies with clouds of white,
but the trees remain green with a hint of gold
tho’ ice in the air is FREEZing cold.

He came in a woollen hat and scarf,
a greatcoat covered his expansive girth
up to his neck and down to his boots
which trampled their frost on growing roots.

Too early, too early we cried out loud
the trees are standing tall and proud
and their autumn gowns are not yet set
they still have a time to get ready yet.

Give us a month to admire and enjoy
leaves changing colour before you destroy
their autumn shades of reds and golds,
riches to our eyes above precious stones.

©Denise G Allen, 05 April 2013 20:02


All Sorts


It takes all sorts to make our world –
our nation –
short and tall, fat or thin,
young and old, scared or bold,
our rainbow presentation
(the Arch said it well).

But nineteen years down the line
FREEdom is still a dream
For the man in the street,
edUCAtion fails us year after year;
no pick-me-up for those in need,
jobs are scarCe and money worse.

What’s to do, if at all…
do we run or do we fall…
do we have a hero to douse the flames –
or a Nero to play his fiddle while we burn?

©Denise G Allen, 04 April 2013 06:03


Another Day


Another day in the ‘home’

Sandwiched ‘tween two people needing care:

Insulting, abusive, offensive –

If only they were aware…

But those in charge don’t give a damn,

Cover-up, to a man,

Reporting, informing –

Considered complaining.

Let it go, maintaining the status quo.

Exposure is needed

For ‘complaints’ to be heeded;

Income outweighs all

And if you won’t play ball,

Let things be for the sake of peace,

Then you should leave.


©Denise G Allen, 30 March 2013 04:39