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I am reposting this, my second poem, to draw attention to the following reblog from Maxi’s Comments. I am doing this because I see there is no ‘like’ feature and nor are there any tags to attract readers.


Engrossed in a wild celebration of life,

Laughing and shouting, heads back to drink,

As the bottle is passed from one to another,

Joyous excitement with no time to think.


Trees and shrubs and fences flash by,

A group on the corner takes shape and is gone.

Time stops for a moment that feels like a year.

The driver, in shock, cries, “What have I done?”


How fast a life changes, in the blink of an eye.

How quickly a spark can be smothered and die.

How often we warn our loved ones, “Take care.”

Not knowing the danger that’s lurking out there.


Photo and poem: © Denise G Allen, 20.05.2010

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You Have Fifteen Minutes to Say Goodbye

My friend, Maxi, has kindly given her permission for me to reblog this post of hers. I would love all young people to be able to read this. Thank you so much, Maxi. ♥

Maxi's Comment's…

Traffic had slowed long before the couple come upon a horrendous scene…

They lean closer to the windshield to get a better look. Their eyes well-up and their stomachs tighten at the sight. It is like nothing they have ever seen.


Cars are crumbled like balls of tinfoil; bodies lay on the ground in shreds; others cover the hood of a vehicle as if the struggle ends in that moment; the stench of blood filters the air like an unwelcome guest.

Victims who survive the head-on collision stumble through the rubble in shock, unable to speak. Their friends are strewn along the roadside; they are dead. They are all teenagers.


Bodies are lifted into ambulances and rushed to the hospital; those who can manage are questioned for breaking the law and taken to jail.

The kids who don’t make it are transported to the mortuary.



This is not…

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